There will be MANY of these "Epiphanies" to come.  The FIRST is . . .


How and Why to Do "The Star Exercise" ~ FULL VERSION
The COMPLETE TEXT from This Video is below . . .
Please Print It Out and USE IT !

"The Star Exercise" ~ One Minute version

The Star Exercise is a remarkable tool for "Self Improvement" !
It will inspire and help to enlighten you if you use it often . . .
And fill you with the "Universal Life Energy" that surrounds you always. 

This great Key was given by Father Yod - in 1971 -
And was partially based on various other teachings, including those of Yogi Bhajan and Eugene Ferson. 



           THE GREATEST SPIRIT . . .

                                                                    IS MANIFESTED AT THE PHYSICAL PLANE

 ~ Father Yod / YaHoWha

The following is the text from the Long Version video above . . . PLEASE PRINT IT OUT AND USE IT !  

The Star Exercise is one of the most vigorous and effective of all of the Keys in the toolkit of the Magician who performs "White Magic" (work that focuses on a positive outcome and is not motivated by greed or ill will).  If you use this Key conscientiously, it will pull into your being all of the healing, restorative power of the “Universal Life Energy” that surrounds you all the time - including NOW.  Try to use this key daily to dispel negativity, doubt and fear and to help balance and revitalize all of your cells.

 ~  STAND STRAIGHT AND STEADY, yet relaxed. 
SPREAD YOUR LEGS into a very wide, steady stance, to a degree that corresponds to that of the “Star Man”.
STRETCH YOUR ARMS straight out to either side - on a level with your shoulders - with your head erect.  Your body will automatically fit into the five-pointed star. 
TURN THE PALM OF YOUR LEFT HAND UP (your "Receiving" hand) and THE PALM OF YOUR RIGHT HAND (your "Giving" hand).  The left hand receives the “Universal Life Energy” which cascades towards the earth from the "Etheric realms". 
 YOUR "COSMIC ROOTS" (your hair) SERVE AS ANTENNAE . . . and channel "that Universal Life Energy" into your “Solar centers” on top of your head.  The nerves of your hands, arms and spinal cord also channel that "Universal Life Energy".  This is pure life force . . . which is energizing your entire being and particularly the “life center” located at the base of your spine, your solar plexus.


       “I am one with universal life energy.  It is flowing through me now.  I feel it!”

 PICK A SPECIFIC POINT OVERHEAD (preferably a star, as far behind you as you can reasonably handle, by stretching your spine and leaning back to see it) and remain focused on it.  Swallow hard.   Then . . .
 DO THE "BREATH OF FIRE" TO THE COUNT OF 108.  This is a vigorous series of continuous, quick, deep inhales and exhales – from the solar plexus – through the nose.  When you have done this to the count of 108, you will have absolutely infused your solar plexus with universal life energy.
 HOLD YOUR FINAL INHALE and then – as you exhale –
BRING YOUR FEET TOGETHER and cross your arms in front of your body and place your fingertips into the two moon centers in the little, hollow depressions right below your collar bone (which are the Moon Chakras) . . . then
 COMPLETE THIS ENTIRE CYCLE OF TRANSFORMATION with three very long, slow, deep cycles of sacred breath.  With each exhale, visualize that all of that universal power that has channeled into you . . . now penetrates deeply into the very center of your Mother Earth and is wholly cleansed and purified, while you hold each breath.  Then, each time, very slowly and deeply inhale all of that purified vibration . . . bringing it back into your tingling body and taking it all the way up to your pineal gland (at the top of your head) . . . and hold your breath.  During each exhale move your fingers down from the moon chakras, with a quiver, connecting with all of your centers as you work your way down to your solar plexus, finishing your exhale with your arms flat against your sides, fingers pointing deeply into the earth.  Then complete the cycle with another breath, pulling all of that vitality back up into your pineal gland.  Upon completion of your third complete breath. 
 ~  COME BACK TO THE ORIGINAL "STAR" POSITION, hold it, and now concentrate on the universal life energy flowing through every part of your body, but especially through your upturned left hand. 
 FINALLY, EXHALE EASILY, hold the position, forget your breath, keep your eyes focused at the third eye position, inhale, hold and
 REPEAT THIS AFFIRMATION aloud - or to yourself: 

     I am positive to Mind, Energy and Matter and control them all.
I am negative only to the Absolute, which is the center of being, of which I am. 
And as I assert my mastery over Mind, Energy and Matter, and exercise my will over them,
So do I acknowledge my subordination to the Absolute,
And gladly open my soul to the inflow of Divine Will, Power, Love and wisdom.

The "Solar Plexus" is a distributing center from which life force is sent out to various parts of the body, according to their needs.  Not only through the left hand does the “Universal Life Energy” penetrate into your body; it also pours in through every cell and nerve of your body, and all of those secondary currents converge towards your life center, which absorbs them and transforms them into life energy; thence sending it out again, throughout your body.  This charges the 6 "Moon Chakras", along the front of body, and the 7 Sun Chakras along the spine, in back, so it is simultaneously using the magic of one of the most powerful of the Sacred Numbers, the 13 - the 4 - the YHVH.

Remember that you are to be discreet with this great power.  Do not do this exercise for at least an hour before or after a meal.  And be careful in full sunlight.  If it is a very bright day, perhaps it is better to keep your eyes closed and focus on your "Ajna" (the Third Eye - about a half inch above your eyebrows, in the center of your forehead).  It is possible to overload your centers.  Discretion is the better part of valor . . .








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