BIRTH and DEATH are but The Book Ends of our Lives . . .                 

                                                                          SOUL GROWTH resides between !  

                                                                                              ~ Father Yod / Ya Ho Wha



    I CONSCIOUS BIRTH   (Click) ~

              II ~  A LIFE OF SOUL GROWTH   (Click) ~

                         III ~  CONSCIOUS "FINAL PASSAGES"   (Click) ~
                                                                 SEE AT VERY BOTTOM:      STATE LAWS FOR KEEPING A BODY


Life develops in “Septenaries” - in "Cycles of Seven".    At 7 . . . the young one is no longer a toddler . . . but a young child.  At 14 . . . the child transitions into puberty and “TeenAgeHood”.   At 21 . . . this “Child” is considered a “Young Adult”.   At 28 . . . mature adulthood is attained.  Etc., throughout our lives.

A “Conscious Life” is far easier to manifest if begun with a “Conscious Birth” !   Conscious Birth can be facilitated by “Conscious Parenting”.   A conscious parent evolves from a conscious being who sought Soul Growth . . . and the cycle continues.

Although many people never become aware of this during their lifetimes . . . every person has the option of pursuing her or his own Soul’s Growth.   Once that decision has been made, the hardest part is to figger out . . . . just what exactly do I do . . . in order to pursue my own Soul’s Growth  ? ! ?   

“Soul Growth” requires commitment!    And then determination . . .and conscious – and continuing – effort.  There CAN BE GREAT REWARDS . . . for those who can “STAY ON THE PATH” !

WE OFFER NO PATH here . . . but rather a great tool to aid you on your journey.  You will not regret t if you check out “The Path of the Pearl" (Click) – on this site – for powerful "Keys" to Soul Growth. 



Dear God . . . My brothers told me about being born but that just doesn't sound right !                

                                                                                                   They're just kidding, aren't they ?

Fried ConceptionA harmonious “Final Passage” is easier to achieve if it has been built upon a well-balanced birth and a life of conscious "Soul Growth".  The child who is conceived in consciousness and raised in that same awareness will probably need to sew wild oats at some stage, but will gravitate to his or her roots as s/he matures through the different stages of life. 

The “Conscious Birth” is highly more likely if the expecting parents choose to prepare for Conscious Birth and Parenting.  It makes the goal easier if the parents set a very specific and extremely high goal of perfection for the child.  Maybe you have heard of the "Indigo Children" and the more recent "Crystal Children".  These remarkable children are a reflection of the growth in consciousness of the parents of recent generations.  We visualize that the next evolution of this process is the creation of “The Sixth-Root Race” – those who will lead the next stage of evolution of WoManKind – from human to God consciousness.   We are going to need it . . . to make it through the next few generations ! 

Preparation for the procreation of a race of God-Conscious children will be best begun at the inception of the relationship between the parents . . . during the extensive discussions about needs, wants, desires and commitment.  The foundation for all of this begins in the conscious relationship between the man (the “GodMan”) and his woman (the “Mother of All Living”).  It is highly recommended that anyone who is interested in looking into this subject more deeply – begin by meditating deeply upon “The Path of the Pearl” (CLICK) and “Soul Mates” (including“Relationship Tips”) on this site. 

With infinite respect and appreciation to the awe-inspiring single Mothers and Fathers – who give 200% of themselves to raise phenomenal children . . . it is nearly impossible for one person to give a child the complete nurturing and BALANCE that will enable them to walk the earth in the confidence of being loved and supported completely . . . and attain God Consciousness.

The Birth of a truly Conscious Child will be made much more likely if the parents work very diligently on the following planes.  See a complete discussion of these in "The Path of the Pearl".

         To Purify their own Bodies ~

                 So the Father is able to provide the healthiest and highest-vibration-possible seed and
                 So both parents – especially the Mother – have the healthiest, strongest and most conscious vehicles (bodies) with which to bear and raise a Conscious Child.

         To Elevate their Minds ~

                 So they can be ready for the immense challenge of nurturing, raising and inspiring a Conscious Child.  And

         To Refine their Emotions ~

                 Their self-confidence within their own being is crucial and
                 Their balance within their emotional bodies will enable them to appropriately communicate with the Conscious Child and set an example which enables the child to hold onto the phenomenal consciousness with which most of us are born.  Most of us lose it or have it beaten out of us in the process of maturing.

So the parents must do some very serious work on themselves . . . but they also have urgent work to do in order to prepare for the actual birth, nurturing and education of a Conscious Child . . . in a world that can be quite a challenge, even for an adult.

Dear God, Thank You for the baby brother.

But, I think you got confused . . .                                       
                                                 What I prayed for was a puppy !

1 Hour Old Bros

New Baby Brother at One Hour Old



We suggest that the Conscious, Expecting Parents do ALL THEY CAN to learn about natural healing and “Sacred Birthing” before or after conception.   This will enable optimal health for your family, your children and yourself.

Check out the links below . . . and take from them anything that will help or inspire you to GREATNESS . . . in the most important work that we can do - as card-carrying members of the little race of “WoManKind” !  

No link below should be considered an endorsement of any kind. 
You should read and research carefully any suggestions before using them –
And understand that you do so at your own risk.


Natural BirthThe “How to Have an Awesome Birth” E-Book

~ Kara Maria Ananda, Women's Health Mentor,Speaker, Author & Doulah

"Conscious birthing is vital today to bring forth babies peacefully in a state of love to co-create the conscious evolution of humanity.When mother and baby feel consciously connected, and the mother is informed,supported, and honored, they can experience a conscious birth. Conscious Birthing is an awareness centered in love during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.A conscious birth is when a family feels empowered to make the choices that are best for their baby."

An inspirational book on conscious birthing and parenting for parents of the new millennium. This book is a rich collection of wisdom for pregnancy, birth,and postpartum by a women's health educator and mother. Learn about natural healing and sacred birthing for the optimal health of your family, children,and self. Read about simple practices for connecting with your unborn baby,healing arts for mothers and families, and preparing consciously for your best birth. Empower yourself with informed choice and the science of the heart. This is a journey into the spirit, consciousness, ecology, and nature of birth and parenting.  It includes inspirational birth stories from conscious mothers today.


Conscious Birth (The “Birth Into Being” site)

ElenaTonetti-Vladimirova, 1996

Conscious Birth is about meaningful, purposeful procreation. It starts with Conscious Conception, which in turn is the result of Conscious Love - for one's own self.  A Conscious approach to procreation begins with resolving our own personal issues with birth.  Only after we delve deep into our own experiences and reinterpret our lives can we begin to bring our children into a world of Love and Safety.  This is the nature of Conscious Birth.

The process of exploring ourselves can become deeply confusing as we unravel the entanglement of superimposed notions that we have encased our identities in. It is the most important and trying of tasks that we will encounter during our lives. There are many options toward bettering our lives, yet most are temporary fixes to issues that continue to surface throughout our lifespan. To truly correct our destructive patterns we must return to the very source of our imprints, which began at the moment of conception. Yes, even in the womb we had experiences and emotions which defined the quality of our lives - for better or for worse. And only through recovery of a deep, emotional, real-time connection with our Source, from which we emerged in the first place, can we begin to relax into owning a body and allow ourselves to be fully engaged in Life.

Soul Awareness is a path of reawakening to that magical feeling.It requires the sincere willingness and a deep commitment to Life. We must learn to re-code our unfortunate imprint and invoke our emotional and physical memory of Bliss. There within lies the key to unlocking the mysteries of our behaviors and to realigning our intentions with our emotions and desires.



Do you spend a lot of time on FaceBook, YouTube or in front of the Television, etc. ?    GIVE PART OF THAT TO YOURSELF . . . or to your version of “God” . . . COMMIT to a certain amount of time DAILY – meditating, or figuring out just exactly what you want to do with your own “Soul’s Growth”!

You might even want to research your own “Path” or “Faith” or “Liberation” or “Enlightenment” or whatever you want to call it . . . they are mostly pretty much the same - except some TRY to claim that they have an "Exclusive" link to God - and EVERYONE else is left out !

We strongly recommend that you do SOMETHING !   We also strongly recommend that you – at least – SKIM “The Path of the Pearl” – LINK on this site.  Think of it – NOT as a “Path”, per se – but as a powerful tool to aid you on your own “Path” !   It just breaks down the entire process to a relatively simple, step-by-step course of action that – if you use the incredible “Keys” contained within it . . . will facilitate your journey – no matter what it is.

There are many helpful tools on this site – many of which are expressly designed to aid you in this oh-so noble endeavor !

The next section is about “Final Passages” . . . but an urgent fact is that most people wait until after a person dies to give them respect, appreciation and honoring !   After they die, they often become a Saint in that person’s eyes.   Our goal is to do that NOW . . . for your friends and loved ones.   Why wait . . .




Curious about Feng Shui?   Have you made some changes (cures) to your space but nothing monumental has shifted in your life ?   Have you tried many well known solutions to your space and life and still . . . nothing is truly working ?

Many of us know the importance of clearing clutter from our home, office, garage… space.  Over time we need to check back in with our space.  The same is true for our minds and heart.

What clutter may have accumulated in the mind?   Or what are you still holding onto from your Ancestors?   Past lives?   Your SOUL’s experience?

Have the elements of Wind and Water (Feng Shui) let you down?

What if what is holding you back is subconscious clutter?
Are you ready to discover a new way of clearing the clutter from your
mind, body and heart?

DaKara shares practical Feng Shui wisdom as well as a new way of working with the energies to clear and transform your life!


OMTimes is a Holistic, Green eZine for the Conscious Community.  We are not a print magazine because it would be hard to be Green with that whole “cutting down trees to print it” part.

We are available in various formats. Subscribe with the form on the website below to get OM Times Magazine in your email inbox.


LIBERATION - Father's Wisdom is timeless and will definitely help you to"Find your own Path" !   So much Love and Wisdom ! This book has changed many lives . . . including mine !  Even teaches you how to Meditate.  FATHER YOD wrote this compelling book - in long hand - in 1970 . . . in 10 days. We have re-issued it exactly as it was then.   The keys that he gives in this book are very simple but powerful . . . and have the power to change your life - IF you use them !   MEET FATHER NOW . .. We have added some useful and unique information in the back of the book,including a current update about the Source Family and an explanation of"the Ancient and Sacred 'Name of God'" - Yod Heh Vau Heh -- Ya Ho Wha!


                     (Including Helpful Links and State Laws on "Keeping a body")

Birth and Death are but the book ends of our lives on Earth . . .                                                              

                                                              Everything in between is for our advancement in the school of life !

                                                                                                                                                         ~ Father Yod / Ya Ho Wha

Buddha's Passage

Dear God, Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones . . .                                        

                                                                                          Why don't You keep the ones you already have ?


WoManKind is losing our way . . . and losing the respect that this “Final Passage”deserves. 

A harmonious “Final Passage” is easier to achieve if it has been built upon a well-balanced birth and a life of conscious Soul Growth. 

It is not our goal to explain what happens at death – or afterwards.  We will give you a wide range of opinions and let you draw your own conclusions.

So many of us no longer remember how to die with grace and dignity. The dying are stuck in “Homes” or hospitals where death is considered a 'disease' and people spend their entire life’s savings in a futile effort to  prolong life at all costs. Families do not know how to come to peace with death and closure with the Final Passage of a loved one.  Often, people die in fear and never have the chance to find peace and love with their loved ones . . . and that would be so healing FOR ALL !   Most people seem to think that - if we ignore death long enough . . . it will go away !

In an effort to restore the peace and dignity of this Sacred Right of Passage, many people are trying to bring this final passage back into the home . . . like we are with births.   Back in the day, people did not spend 20 thousand dollars for a formal affair to put Gramma in a lead-lined, polished stainless steel box, lined with plush white satin.  The family and friends gathered around a simple pine box and put her out in the corner of the north 40 !   It was far more intimate, personal, efficient and sustainable.

Let us so live that, when we come to die, even the undertaker will be sorry.

Many people are trying to bring back these simple practices but we have to be creative these days to work around State laws, etc.  If you are interested, there are some links below.   It might sound weird to some, but experience is teaching us that this is much more intimate and rewarding for all parties – not to mention the financial savings.

Most States are now recognizing “Religious” beliefs and will allow you to have a loved one, after their death, undisturbed for as long as you want ~ but it must be handled through the Funeral Home’s “Cold storage”.   Family may view and visit the deceased through out these 3 ½ days.  Then the burial ceremony of choice is conducted.

In 1995, a group called “Final Passages”started a legal movement that helps people understand how to legally have a loved one at home for a “Home Funeral” ~ for 1 to 3 days . . . all natural ~ without embalming or autopsy ~ and then having the burial of your choice.

For information about your specific State laws go to:

Even Jesus had his three days in the tomb !





"Our goal is to leave this life alive, to die consciously."

"The Greatest Journey" is a free service dedicated to helping people die consciously. This means that we seek to maintain consciousness intact through the journey of death and beyond. It is designed for all persons involved in the dying process:The individual, family members, and friends.  It offers a message of hope that is possible to bring dignity and peace back to the dying process and teaches us how with easy to follow steps.


    They say that – in the end – your whole life passes before you . . .
                                                              Make it worth watching !     

~ Father Yod / YaHoWha         

As the Buddha lay dying, Ananda asked who would be their teacher after death.  He replied to his disciple -

     "Be lamps unto yourselves.
     Be refuges unto yourselves.
     Take yourself no external refuge.
     Hold fast to the truth as a lamp.
     Hold fast to the truth as a refuge.
     Look not for a refuge in anyone besides yourselves.
     And those, Ananda, who either now or after I am dead,
     Shall be a lamp unto themselves,
     Shall betake themselves as no external refuge,
     But holding fast to the truth as their lamp,
     Holding fast to the truth as their refuge,
     Shall not look for refuge to anyone else besides themselves,
     It is they who shall reach to the very topmost height;
     But they must be anxious to learn."

                                                     ~ Joseph Goldstein - The Experience of Insight

These can change . . . Please check your state to see if they have been revised
Lisa Carlson from her book . . . Caring for the Dead – Your Final Act of Love
 Some of these states will have a final passage representative who can help you with the laws

 California- chapter 3, section 7100-1003
 Connecticut- title 45a-318 and title 7-64
 Delaware-title 16-3123 …has 5 days but funeral director has say, not family
 DC (Washington)- title 6-211…one week
 Alabama-title 22-9-70
 Georgia-title 31-10-15 (b)
 Idaho-title 39-260 and title 54-1104
 Illinois-55 ILCS-5/3-3021
 Indiana- IC25- 15-9-18
 Kentucky- title 213 080
 Maine-chapter 707 of title 22
 Maryland-chapter 3 62 (it is called a sacred trust law)
 Massachusetts- title 46-9
 Michigan- MCL 52.205 (5)   and MCL 339.1810
 Minnesota- chapter 149A…72 hours
 Missouri- title 193-145
 Nevada- NRS 440.370….72 hours
 New York, Is in the hands of the funeral director, not the family
 North Carolina- title 130A-420
 North Dakota- title 23-06-02….8 days
 Ohio-RC 3705-26 and RC 4717.10 section 471701-4717.19
 Oklahoma-title 59 396.12b
 Rhode Island-title 40-19-190 B
 South Carolina-title 40-19-190 B
 South Dakota-title 34-25-25
 Tennessee- title 68-3-502 (3b) and title 62-5-102 b
 Utah-title 26-2-13 (4)   and title 26-2-17 (3)
 Vermont- title 18 section 5207
 Virginia-TITLE 32-2-263 B
 Washington- 24 hours..but is said to be lenient on its laws ! 68-50-160
 West Virginia- title 30-6-8
 Wisconsin- title 69.18 (1) (a)

THESE STATES GIVE FAMILY LEGAL RIGHTS BUT ONLY FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME…(a few have no rights at all for family, only the funeral director)

 Colorado- 24 hours, title 25.2.110 (3)
 Alaska-24 hours, 08.42.020
 Arizona- 24 hours, title 36-831 A   rule 9-19-102 (9)
 Arkansas- 24 hours title 20-18-601 (b)
 Florida- 24   hours   fg 382.006, funeral director only
 Hawaii- 30 hours, 0 chapter 338-1   ( title 22 chapter 11)
 Iowa- 48 hours, title 144.27 and 156.2
 Kansas –  24hours, title 65-1713 b
 Louisiana- 30 hours, title R.S. 8 chapter 10…funeral director only
 Mississippi- 48 hours, rule 41 health dept.   MS code 73-11-55 (1)
 Montana- 48 hours..was appealed 1993 , no other statue or regulations has been enacted?
 New Hampshire- Funeral director only, NO rights.
 New Jersey- 48 hours   8A:5-18
 New Mexico- 24 hours   title 24-14-20
 Oregon- 24 hours..title 97.120 (2)
 Pennsylvania- 24 hours..chapter 35, title 450-501
 Texas- 24 hours, chapter 711.002
  Wyoming- 36 hours title 35-1-418 (b)







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