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Sacred Sexual Healing by a Male Sacred Prostitute

© 2014 by Sun Bear

When The Goddess Comes

We met at the bridge and started the mile or so hike to the waterfall.  Along the river the water was high from previous rains. You could feel the air pregnant as the threat of thunderstorms surrounded us. We made our way to the base of the waterfall and tuned into the energy for the goddess to choose the spot for our ritual. As we climbed the large rocks the energy pushed us towards a spot to the right of the waterfall. Later on she told me “The limbs of the trees made the shape of the yoni above me dozens of times.”

We prepared the space and began by tuning into each other's energy flow. We had decided to honor the earth with our work, using the energy generated to help heal Mother Gaia. Once the connection was established she lay down as I began her sensual massage. As the massage concluded I received her permission to enter her temple and began to massage her g-spot. My left hand called in the energy of an amazing wand my teacher had attuned us to. I have found it is the best tool I have for chakra balancing. My right hand called in the energy of the head of the Order of the Lotus Flower. The combined energy flow along with the varying speeds and pressures quickly moved her to orgasm. Again and again she came as we moved from chakra to chakra. The work was amazing but exhausting as well.

As we finished the session I sat back against a tree and relaxed and rested. As I closed my eyes I felt her lips wrap around my lingam. I had not the energy to resist and was quickly moved to orgasm. As I neared climax my eyes widened as I felt an energy entering my legs and base of the spine. It was all I could do to hold on to consciousness as I felt the energy snaking up through me as I climaxed violently. I was thrown backwards, my spine arching, muscles contorting as the energy was released. I lay back, shaking, as I felt my heart chakra open in the back of my spine and a beam of energy pulse into the earth mother.

I tried to regain my composure as I sat up. She leaned in to whisper in my ear “Goddess told me this session was for you”, as she devilishly smiled. I attempted to stand, but the energy still pulsed as I did all I could to remain standing. The energy of the rocks and trees flowed into me and held me or I would have fallen. I felt each atom buzzing individually yet made up the whole energy field around us as a “HUM” permeated the woods.

Sun BearI told her to grab the camera and she snapped a shot as the energy was still flowing through me.

We spent the rest of the day making love to the waterfall as we basked in her love. As we moved to finally leave, we bowed to the infinite energy of the Goddess, she who permeates all.

                     As healers, it is easy to forget that often it is we who are the healed.

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