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Indian Poem


!    TO GIVE . . . IN TRUST    !


By E and Harvest Moon Aquarian
Co-Founders of Soul Growth and “Soul Mates Mentors” since 1974

 E n HAR MSTR smllr 12            It was maybe 1994 . . . our family of five were back in our home after living in a large tent and our garage for months - while we re-built after one of the most powerful storms in history - Hurricane Iniki - devastated Kauai on September 11, 1992. 

            Early one morning, Harvest and I were sitting at our altar and we started meditating on and then talking about our relationship.  And we started flashing on the fact that many of our friends' marriages (local families with whom we would share Thanks Giving and Christmas, etc.) had recently come apart.  Divorce.  Big fights.  Bummed out kids.  The whole shootin’ match.  

            Harvest and I had been together - committed - for maybe 17 years . . . and we were fine . . . but we were in one of those periods when we were both acutely aware that our relationship could definitely use some improvement.   

            So we started wondering . . . are we fooling ourselves ?    Can we really do this ?    If so many other good, strong parents have failed . . .

            So we decided to try to analyze what was different in our relationship.  Well, it seemed like most of our friends had gotten together fairly young and there was love and then sex and then children and then whatever degree of affection they could continue to manifest and – as they got on in years and went through their changes – they were just no longer in love . . . or even compatible.

            Harvest and I were completely different.  We didn’t settle down until we were both a little more mature.  We were 28 and 32 years old,  but, most importantly, we sat and talked about our relationship for hours and hours on end.  Weeks . . .  Before we made that full-on commitment !   We will discuss many of the topics we talked about below.

            But we totally agreed that we were both completely committed to DOING THIS . . . NO MATTER WHAT.   We agreed that we would always try to be nice, patient, kind and all of that.  And that we would be willing to compromise for each other . . . because we cared.   We agreed to just flat-out “Make it work” !   We mighta' said “Git Er Done” – if we’d had that phrase.

            So – having realized that the difference between us and our friends was our complete commitment – and that we were both pretty sure that neither of us would waver from it – we flashed on looking up “Commit” in the vintage, Unabridged Webster’s Dictionary that Isis gave me many years ago.  This is the book that Father Yod told us would be the Bible for the Age of Aquarius.   If you love words, get one.  They have the most remarkable definitions in them.   A prime example:

            TO COMMIT:

                                       "TO GIVE . . .

                                                              IN TRUST"   !  !  !


Think about that for a moment.

Does that need any clarification ?   

But just where does that leave Harvest and me ?   Can we change our minds ?    Hah !   Theoretically WE TWO HAVE BECOME "ONE" . . . so I don’t even HAVE my mind any more.  I GAVE IT away.  And I cannot take it back.

And, not only that . . . I cannot judge what my Soul Mate does with it.  I GAVE IT – IN TRUST !   

"COMMITMENT" IS A PHENOMENAL TOOL to help build a positive relationship – but, of course, it is really just one more word . . . UNLESS BOTH "Mates" can actually live up to being true “Soul Mates” . . . and unless both do their level best to honor whatever agreements they both have made . . . on whatever plane of life.  Therein lies the reason for the severe diligence in the original selection of one's “Soul Mate”.   And, of course, a dollop of real forgiveness - maybe a frigging TRUCK LOAD - might be required, along the way.



Can we start off by agreeing that there is virtually nothing more important than the close relationships in our lives ?   Particularly those of us who are blessed to find our “Soul Mates” during this life !   The near-infinite comfort, sustenance, nurturing and substantiation that come from such a relationship . . . what can I say ?    It literally fills me with awe.   So I guess I’ll have to say it is Awe-Inspiring ! 

But simply finding our “Soul Mate” is no guarantee of a successful relationship.  Relationships are hard work.  ALL RELATIONSHIPS REQUIRE infinite respect, love, understanding, appreciation, selflessness . . . and – perhaps most importantly – patience.

And it is getting progressively harder to make relationships work.  There are many reasons for that – all of which you already know – including overwork; financial pressure; the deterioration of the “Cohesive Family Unit”; the confusion of trying to figure out men/women relationships in the light of women's liberation . . . and the dramatic stress of living in today’s world . . . not to mention the HUGE distractions of TV and the Internet – coming to you now !   Free !   Unlimited sex available to anyone who is willing to look for it . . . right now !

The building and maintenance of “Relationships” – specifically, the one-to-one relationship with your actual “Soul Mate” – are what most Teachers and Masters mean, when they speak of “The Great Work” !   

And – THAT IT IS !    Because all sincere efforts to improve our relationships require serious work – this is NOT easy work !     And much of the work is on such a subtle plane . . . much of it is at the highly-evolved level of trying to figure out how to “Refine My Emotions” !    Read more about this in "The Path of the Pearl"on this site.

I think this is – without a doubt – some of the most difficult work that we can face in our lives !   If you have spent years working on a relationship, then you can verify that there are no easy answers to many of the questions and situations that can arise . . . and you can also confirm that, sometimes, the whole concept of maintaining a committed relationship seems virtually impossible.


                                    PROBLEM IS . . . NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE !

Ok . . . that’s a decent old joke.

But, I am here to tell you that – no matter HOW HARD IT IS . . . there is NOTHING THAT COMES CLOSE . . . TO BEING MORE REWARDING, FULFILLING AND INSPIRING THAN HAVING A PURE AND CLEAN LOVING RELATIONSHIP !   Particularly if it is one of those rare relationships in which BOTH MATES can come to COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND – and agree to – a FULL and COMPLETE COMMITMENT . . . to live and grow together . . . NO MATTER WHAT !

Ahhhhh . . . but “Commitment" . . . THERE’S   THAT WORD  ! 

Most Americans (most humans beans) do not have a clue . . . what a commitment actually is.  Most of us say: 

“Oh, Yeah . . . I’m committed !

                        As long as I’m happy and enjoy it.  And if it’s not toooo hard !”



Full disclosure. 

FIRST . . . it is my full intention - with this piece - to try to work together with you and everyone who will . . . to CHANGE that weak standard and replace it by thinking of “Commitment” as being like a “Self-Hokum” . . . to YOURSELF !    

Hokum - An instruction, directive or command given to you by your Spiritual Guide, Guru, Master, Priest or whomever.   That “Order” becomes law - to you.  Whatever it is, you pull out all the stops to see to it that it is done !

These are not words that one should just read . . . and then move on. 

These are words that call out to be pondered . . . to be the subject of Meditation. 

These are words that yearn to be taken to heart” . . . and made a part of one’s new, life-standard of commitment to excellence.

SECOND . . . our stated goal this lifetime is “Enlightenment”.  

I know !    Sshhheeewww !    But it is. 

We are not yet 100% sure EXACTLY what that is . . . but that is the goal !

The reason I tell you this is so you will be able to understand why this treatise is so “Over the top” !    Some might even call it "Straight-up WooWoo” !      

By the age of 68 . . . I am beginning to realize that it will not be easy to manifest this elusive state of consciousness . . . this “Light” . . .

I can only speak for myself . . . but I’m guessing that it will take a lot of miracles that all combine and converge – on ME . . . if I’m going to be able to make it happen.

But there is one thing that I’m pretty sure about is that those of us who chose to try will have to commit to maintain the highest standard that we possibly can.  On all planes.

We call it “Living our daily lives . . . with  Life, Mind, Truth and Love” !



Yes.   That is a joke.   Sorta.  But it is a good visualization and goal.  So, no matter what your personal  relationship-situation is right now . . . for purposes of this discussion, let us say that you have FOUND your “Soul Mate” . . . and you are both excited !   You may have found each other last week or last century, but . . . What’s next ?

These “Suggestions” are not very humbly offered – based upon the Wisdom of a very highly-opinionated man who has been married twice . . . and has been a dramatic failure at not a few relationships . . . and a relative success at others of my many, many efforts . . .  during my first 68 years !   So, needless to say, take everything with a grain of salt – depending on your needs – and use any of these suggestions – and that is all that they are – at your own risk and responsibility.

Let us be clear.  The “Perfect Relationship” is NOT the long-term “Goal”.

The “Goal” is not even the “Perfect Family”.




Yeah . . . right . . . we all know that the “Perfect Child” has never been born.  But then there is a pretty strong case to be made that they are ALL “Pretty Perfect” – and then they get it pounded out of them by parents, ruthless siblings or friends and reality. 



But - whatever their pedigree or DNA . . . These are the Children who are literally CHARGED with the Evolution of the Consciousness of their race.

   At least their own Consciousness – which they set as examples for others. 

       These Children are quite literally CHARGED with the survival of their burgeoning little race.

          The Children who will lead the next stage of evolution of  WoManKind . . .
                 From “Human” – to “WoMan” .  .  .  to “God Consciousness” !

                              This is the beginning of the “Sixth Root Race”.

One Hour OldTo me, it is pretty obvious that this “New Birth” is happening – right now !   Have you checked out these current generations being born ?   Perhaps you've heard about - or even met - or even raised - one of these remarkable “Indigo Children” . . . and / or one of the more recent “Crystal Children” !  

Yes !   They are blowing our minds ! 

But it’s also very obviously getting harder and harder to see those children through to the stage of the “Conscious Parent” – to bring in that next generation of “Perfect Children” ~ on such a crowded, confused and stressed out little planet.  

THIS  is  OUR “GREAT WORK” !    

Your Great Work . . . should you choose to accept it !

IF no more children . . . then no more Families . . . and no more God . . .

(I know.  That’s only from our perspective – but, for purposes of this discussion,

OUR’S in the only perspective that matters !)

"Maternal love is the purest and at the same time the most efficient form of love
Because it is the most compassionate, because it is the most sympathetic,
Because it is the most understanding . . . and the least censorious.  
Maternal love does not dispense justice:
It neither condemns or condones;
It gives support while endeavoring to understand . . .
And it never forsakes those who are dependent upon it."

~ Ashley Montagu


I am going to use the word “God” very loosely in this discussion. 

By “God” . . . please understand that I mean – in THIS CASE – whatever is Sacred or UltiMately Powerful, Inspiring or Fulfilling – to YOU !   As my dear Father-In-Law would say:   “Whatever blows your skirts” !

So . . . please do us both a favor and – instead of reacting to my choice of words or stopping reading something that might turn out to have something valuable to offer you – please “Translate” for me.  Each time I say that word, please just replace it (in your mind) with a word that works for you.   Allah, YahWeh, Jehovah, YHVH, YaHoWha, Yoda . . . maybe “The Grand PoohBahhh” ? ! ?

To me . . . “God” IS  my Personal Family !    To me, that’s what “The Word” actually means.

The Bible says that “God is the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost”.

That works for me . . . for I have come to understand “The Holy Ghost” to be “The Mother”.

            The Mother of All Living . . .

                        For – IF the Gods are ever to come . . .

                                    On that Sixth Day . . .

                                                They must come through the thighs of a Woman !


So . . . here, the thorny question arises . . .

Are we –

        This little Human Race (or at least those of us who are “Chosen” for this “Great Work”) – 

                  Up to  this “Great Work ?     

                                          Can we “Git Er Dun” ?       

Well . . . Vee Schall Zeee . . . Vut Vee Schall Zeeeee . . .

From my perspective . . . it’s going to take a daunting increase in overall consciousness to pull it off !

          "The brute-man of the planet . . .
                 He will pass, blown out like forms of vapor on a glass; and
                        From this quaking pulp of life will rise . . .
                                         The superman, child of the higher skies."

 ~ Edwin Markham

My guess ?   Those of us who are going to survive . . . are going to be forced to make a conscientious effort to consciously grow our consciousness ! ! !

And the best way – the ONLY way, in the long run – is to instill it in our children !   So how do we guarantee that these children will be able to "Get it" ?


Some miracles will inevitably occur . . . and some children reared by single parents WILL hold onto that consciousness . . . and step forward to become the next “Conscious Parents” . . . but those who are most likely to be able to hold onto that “Vision” will be the children who have been nurtured in that “Ultimate Nest” – by always having had both parents – so the parents stand arm in arm – supporting the entire “Family Unit” – no matter what !

                   Heaven is not a place that you die and go to . . . .

                                        Heaven is a place that you build here and now !

~ Father Yod / Ya Ho Wha

So, again, for purposes of this discussion, let us assume that – just to try to set the highest possible standard . . . the highest possible goal for our creation here on earth – let’s just assume that our goal IS  that "Perfect Child".

That must (barring the periodic miracles mentioned above), almost by definition, begin in the “CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP” between the woman and man.   “The Great Work” !


Harvest and I faced these issues in 1978.  First, of course, was the "Giant Question":  "Do we want to bring a conscious child into a mostly unconscious world ?   One in which there are no guarantees ?"

That question is one that many, conscious parents face but it is - in the end - not relevant.  Our "Great Work" is to bring forth that "Family" - and raise to adulthood - that conscious child !   If we understand that "Hocum" directly from the "Mother of All Living" . . . then we really get no choice in the matter.

So, having reached that conclusion, then the Giant Question becomes:

"HOW ?"

How do we birth and raise a child as near as possible to "Perfect" ?   Each relationship will be based on different backgrounds and standards - and each will have to answer that question for themselves but - for us to give it the “Good ole College Try” . . . early on . . . we consciously chose to visualize that the man became the – I guess you might say – “God Man” . . . for that family.  At least that was a great vision for me to try to hold onto . . . in an effort to give the man the highest possible standard toward which to aspire !   And the woman became THE “Mother of All Living” . . . for that same family.    

And we realized early on that EACH of us would end up serving ALL roles for each other, at one time or another.  So, at one time – maybe during time of illness, injury or trauma – either Mate might take on the role of child and/or Mate and/or parent – at varying times during the same day – depending on the strength of the other Mate and the circumstances.  This is all part of the infinite process of "Peeling the onion". . . becoming "One" !

. . . IN TRUST ?

Now . . . since we are talking about “Conscious Relationships” . . . isn't it becoming pretty obvious thatthey must be based on “Trust"  ! ?    

How else would a committed relationship even be possible ?

And, can we agree that trust is not easy to maintain ?  

Well . . . some of us - who have been around this park for so many years - KNOW it is possible.

But we DID NOT say it would be easy.   

OK.  Are you ready ?   



     IF BOTH the woman and the man are able to completely grok what it means . . .
. . .
               That will make the development of complete trust infinitely easier.
                    And reduce the “Work” in a relationship by maybe 80% ! 

But . . . to make a lifetime commitment to another is a very, very difficult thing to do and essentially requires superhuman strength of will and determination . . . on the parts of both the woman and the man

Harvest and I have been completely committed to each other since 1977 and things CHANGE during that much time.  Totally frankly . . . there were times when that was about the only thing that was holding us together. 

SO - IF  BOTH CAN GRASP – WITH A DEPTH OF UNDERSTANDING . . . AND MAKE . . . THAT INFINITE COMMITMENT . . . then, when times get tough – THERE IS NO OPTION – you just have to do it !   No threats.  No bullshit.  You can’t even USE the “D” word !    You are just frigging DOING IT !

And IF you are able find a mate who can grasp that - and BOTH are able to do that . . . you will never regret it !   You will have something that is sooo precious . . . that very few are blessed to experience . . . and the rewards are literally the most powerful magic on the face of this earth !   

Show me any other way to use ANY FORM OF MAGIC . . . that is greater than the power of PURE LOVE to conjure up a "Conscious Soul" - IN A LIVING BODY  ! ! !




      We have to start somewhere and the formation and maintenance of a conscious relationship almost has to begin with each individual’s starting off by firmly setting a very high standard in the choosing of a potential “Soul Mate”.   NO compromise. 

      First, it is not possible to just “Find” a Mate !   That requires equal elements of work . . . and “Magic” . . . and "Faith" !  

But my guess is that this might be one of the most important applications of the old saw:  “The Lord Helps Those . . . Who Help Themselves !”  

Be open.  Be trusting – but be very aware and observant.  And diligent !   Discretion is the better part of valor !   

      And – no matter how much you love that one . . . or no matter how appealing or charismatic s/he might be . . . You MUST understand . . .


       At all.  

            Not even a little bit.     

      Now . . . you CAN (possibly) inspire someone to change themselves - but only IF they actually desire to change – and only if they are willing to stick around (no matter what) . . . and do the work to make it happen !  

      And – at the same time – it is crucial that you remain open to doing your very best to change yourself – if something is important to your Mate.  No matter how much we visualize perfection for a relationship - or poke fun at, or vilify our relationship - it pretty much comes down to a whole lot of "Compromise" !   

      So – even before there is a strong, fledgling relationship . . . in order to try to insure a more permanent (and perhaps easier) bond . . . it is crucial that there be a period of long, deep discussion . . . at first . . . just to determine if this can even work.  It takes heavy meditation . . . and objective consideration by both parties . . . of many, many things. 

       Hot sex is great . . . but it just ain’t enough !        

It will make the work much easier if both potential Soul Mates are “At least OK” with the opinions and feelings of the other about A LOT of things  (even if they don’t actually agree)  . . . including, but not limited to:

         What are the goals and dreams of each ?

       Are they at least willing to ALWAYS work together to reach the most effective compromise for both ?

       What about diet ?

       What about marriage ?

       Financial goals and dreams ?   And – perhaps most importantly –

       What about children ?
             How many ?
             Education ?
             Spiritual Directions ?
            The standard of nurturing ?
                   Organic ?   Vaccinations ?   Vegetarian ?

        And – Dah Dah Dah Dummmm . . . what will happen if one of the “Soul Mates” is tempted by some other, really powerful “Soul” ?    See "Peeling the Onion" below.

Firstly . . . you should both agree to work together to write down the answers to the above – and any other good questions you can ask of each other – for future reference.      : - )

Secondly, but really first of all . . . No relationship has much of a chance if it is not based on trust !   And trust is not easy to maintain.  That’s why that COMPLETE COMMITMENT is so crucial.  That will make the development of complete trust much easier.  When both have that much “Faith “in each other . . . the faith can grow factorially, over time.

Anyone who tells you that her or his relationship is “Perfect” is either visualizing . . . or flat-out lying !   It is very hard work. 

Fabulous, at times !   Totally worth it !    
Cloud Souls

          Where two or more are gathered . . .  

               Then commeth I the Lord . . . and

                    Sit, as a man among men, and

                         By my presence do I

                              Protect the innocent and

                                      Punish the evil doer.

~ Hermes Trismegestis / Thoth


So - if committed relationships are such long, hard – sometimes thankless – work - it will make it much easier if both Soul Mates can begin with a clear understanding and agreement about that headline.  A 50/50 effort would mean that there will be times when both Mates are looking out to cover their own, individual “Okole” (tushy – in Hawaiian Pigeon) . . . instead of the needs of the “Whole” – the family. 

There is literally no reason to even TRY . . . unless BOTH ARE WILLING TO GIVE AT LEAST 111% COMMITMENT !     We have seen our initial 111% grow up to 1,111% and – now – it is an INFINITE PERCENT COMMITMENT !    And we both continue to grow in our love for each other - ever more !

It bears repeating . . . IF BOTH the woman and the man can grasp what this means – and maintain this standard – this can remove much of the actual work from their relationship.  The biggest single hurdle to a successful relationship is the combined doubts and fears of each Mate.  How do we – ever – KNOW that we can trust ?    How can we overcome those doubts and fears ?  

There is only one way.

“Certain Knowing” !  

Easier said than done.

That can ONLY come . . . . of TRUST . . . 111% . . . then 1,111% and then INFINITE commitment ! 

COMMITMENTIf this state can be reached . . . it can truly enable people to actually become “Soul Mates” . . . and drop all the doubts and fears.  If an absolute, iron-clad commitment can be made . . . when times get tough – THERE IS NO OPTION – you just have to keep it together !  

This can lead to a relationship that is so fulfilling and inspiring . . . a love that grows so infinitely . . . one in which there is literally no limit !  The warmth, the Joy, the laughter, the certain knowing . . . indeed, it can lead to a relationship in which each person actually cares about the needs and wants of the other as much as, if not more than, they do their own needs and desires !    What a concept, for most people !

And – talk about efficiency . . . time and Motion Study experts say that 2 men can do 2.7 times the amount of work that one man can do.   It is my guesstiMate that Harvest and I get 3.3 times as much work done as the average single person.   We are an awesome team.   A partner once called us "Weird" . . . he said the average couple cannot even stand to LIVE together - much less work together 24/7 !

So a relationship can be absolutely phenomenal . . . but no relationship is perfect.  Every person has faults.  It is hoped that you will find a Mate who’s faults are bearable to you – as you “Peel the onion”, over the many years . . . and as it so often happens that both Mates morph into completely different people than you were when you met. 

. . . 

“Working through a person’s ‘Ten sets of Faults’"
.   After a number of years – you have peeled most of the onion and it makes no sense to start digging into another onion - unless you are a masochist or just absolutely cannot handle the “Faults” of your Mate (which is probably partly “Your fault”).  

Unless you go through serious trauma together – early and long – neither of you will really even KNOW what the other’s ten sets of faults are . . . for many years.  Let’s face it, some people's faults include biting their fingernails, chewing with their mouths open or picking their noses . . . and some people's "Faults" include theft, violence, drugs or even murder and rape !

And it is definitely not easy to see what they are . . . until the poop hits the fan.

One of the most important issues to make sure you do your best to reach agreement on . . . is “Faith”.  Where do you and your “Soul Mate” put – and draw – your Faith ?   And what will you teach the kids ?   Doesn’t the actual title of the relationship – the identity “Soul Mates” – pretty strongly imply that the goal should be a pretty highly compatible Spiritual Foundation ?  

Just for example . . . if one Mate is very spiritually-oriented and puts a lot of faith in some version of “God” . . . and the other Mate puts her or his “Faith” in golf . . . or race cars . . . or the “Demon Alcohol" or drugs, or sex . . . it just makes it sooooo much trickier to make it all work.

What about marriage ?   "Marriage" needs to be defined between you.   Harvest and I were "Married" for about 3 years BEFORE we went to get the legal document.   In the sense that we were full-on committed to have children and raise those children to adulthood - PERIOD.  Neither of us felt that we really needed the piece of paper.  I think we mostly did it for our parents and our children.  So it is up to you . . . although marriage does seem to sometimes make it easier for some – who might have less will power – to hold onto their commitments.

And – no matter who you find as your “Soul Mate” – and no matter how “Magical” or special or beautiful the relationship is . . . sooner or later, you WILL have different needs or desires from those of your Mate.  This is when that complete love and commitment come in sooooo handy. 


Sometimes it can be absolutely excruciating . . . . . . but it is very important – crucial – for BOTH to be willing to compromise - totally.  Just honestly ask each other: "Who has the greatest “Need” – in any given situation ?"

I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear that many people are tempted to stray, as life moves on and temptations arise.  It is a fact of life and it would be absurd to ignore it . . . and just hope it doesn’t happen.   So think about it together.   E and Harvest suggest that the woman and man talk about this – in long, very deep, HONEST and heartfelt terms – before a final commitment is made.  And write down any agreements you make.

Also make an absolute, solid agreement to come together and discuss any potential problems or issues . . . BEFORE they become problems . . . particularly any relationships that might threaten your commitment to each other.   We agreed from the start that we would not go bed with unsolved issues !   And if either of us did . . . we pretty much had to drop them.


One possible way to handle this would be to agree up front that – should either Mate be tempted to stray – the other will have the opportunity to agree to let it happen – or to say "NO, this just does not work for me".   And that WILL BE honored. 

This is not a perfect solution.  There is none.  But – unless you are among those rare beings who can thrive in an “Open” relationship (IF there truly is any such thing) . . . then it pretty much boils down to what is best for the "Whole".   That ole “Compromise” thing we talked about.   And phenomenal skills at patience and forgiveness come in mighty handy, too, on the parts of both Mates.

In order to truly maintain a permanent relationship – to give the best possible nurturing home for those “Children of the Sixth Root Race” . . . the WHOLE MUST be greater than the parts . . .

      Soooooo . . .


              COMMIT . . . . . BECOME "ONE" . . . .

                     MAKE IT WORK !

                              GIVE . . . IN TRUST . . . . .

                                      YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

                                             YOUR  "GOD" WILL THANK YOU !


           WE STAND AT THE THRESHOLD . . .

                                             OF THE NEXT “CROSSOVER” IN CONSCIOUSNESS !

Do every act – together – with

                             “Life, Mind, Truth and Love”

. . . and just do the very  best that you can !

GOOD  ON  YA !     No reasonable person can ask more of you.


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