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5 Biggest Healthy Eating Myths DEBUNKED !


                                 (Posting Number 6, 2015 - FEATURED in "What's New - July, '15)

                                                            Elise Cantrell

Eating Myths Debunked

1. Eating healthy is boring and bland.Personally . . . I am a foodie ! IN THE KITCHEN   I love food and I love to eat !   If healthy eating were boring and bland, it would not have been so easy for me to embrace this as a lifestyle !  When people think of healthy foods they think “Rice cakes” !  Rice cakes aren’t even very healthy ! They have as few healthful nutrients as they do taste !  It is a huge misconception that healthy eating must be bland !  There are so many delicious, tantalizing recipes out there that just happen to also be healthy ! These recipes incorporate whole foods, healthy fats, and sauces and seasonings that make any taste buds yearn for more ! If healthy eating didn’t taste good, I’d be super skinny ! My biggest challenge is that healthy foods taste too good . . . and I sometimes have trouble resisting the urge to over-eat ! If healthy eating were boring, my finicky husband would never be on-board ! Eating healthy is about eating REAL food ! Ironically, without the artificial flavors and colors, processed food would be boring and bland. It takes a huge staff of chemists and taste-testers to formulate artificial foods in ways that make them palatable. Real food tastes naturally good, all you need is good recipes ! Look for the 40 Days to Enlightened Eating Cookbook full of flavorful, easy and healthy recipes, available now ! Just google it.


2. It is too expensive to eat Healthy Foods. This is a (financially very rewarding) MYTH - that is perpetuated by the hugemongous agri-chemical food industry. As long as they keep people thinking they are saving money with coupons and their manufactured and packaged foods, they know they can win over consumers ! The belief that healthy foods are too expensive is just plain false ! The funny thing is that it is not just impoverished consumers who fall for this lie ! Middle class and upper class folks resist buying healthy natural foods because they have been convinced they are going to spend too much ! No . . . if you think you have to shop at Whole Foods (aka "Whole Paycheck") to eat healthy, think again ! Last week I spent $29 at the local farmer’s market and bought enough organic produce to feed a family of 4 for a week ! My purchase included onions, garlic, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, watermelon, spinach, tomatoes, apples and lettuce. My fridge was stuffed for $29 ! I also subscribe to a CSA farm. My friend and I split a huge box of produce, weekly, and a dozen eggs bi-weekly for a little over $7 a week each ! I fill in with the local market, Costco, and Trader Joes, which keeps expenses down as well. I remember once standing in line at the grocery store checkout. The woman in front of me had nothing in her cart but boxed and packaged processed foods. In my cart behind her, I only had organic produce. Quantity wise it appeared we had about the same amount of food. Her total was over $100, and my total was $35 ! In reality - particularly in terms of nutrition - it is more expensive to eat packaged convenience food, and much less expensive to prepare your own fresh whole foods ! Myth debunked ! ! !


3. It takes too much time and is not convenient to Eat healthy. As a “Soccer Mom", author, instructor and business owner, I am as busy as everyone else ! Out of my passion for healthy food for myself and my family, I have had to become a master at adapting recipes to make them healthier and easier. I love to come up with quick healthy recipes of my own too ! To make life easier, I often cook double batches of soups, stews, curries and stir-fries, freezing half, for those busy nights that pop up, so I have healthy meals waiting in the wings. That way I am not tempted by drive-thrus, take-outs or processed convenience foods. No left-over goes to waste in my house ! I freeze individual portions for quick grab-and-go lunches on busy days. It takes some thought and planning to maintain a healthy diet, but I am living proof it can be done in a busy life. If your life is so busy that you only have time to eat out of boxes, packages, drive-thrus and take outs, then it is time to revamp your life. You have created a lifestyle that is in opposition to health and well-being ! You are in control of how busy your own life is, and if it has gotten to a place where life is draining away your well-being, it is time to face that, and release things in your life that are not serving you ! A wise man once said that, “Many spend their health in order to gain a fortune, only to spend their entire fortune in order to regain their health !”Is that you ? I often tell people that - for every moment of time you gain from a drive-thru or packaged meal - you are actually robbing your own future of the time you will spend in good health and longevity. The minutes that you THINK you save - by not preparing wholesome meals - are minutes that will be stolen from your life and health in the long run !


4. It is hard to find healthy ingredients. Farmer’s markets, CSA farms and home gardening have become all the rage ! On top of that, big warehouse stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club are carrying a wide variety of organics. Discounters such as Trader Joes and Aldi also carry whole foods and organics at a fraction of the supermarket cost ! And THE MORE WE EAT . . . THE MORE THE DISTRIBUTORS CAN AFFORD TO BRING DOWN THEIR PRICES ! Make it a quest to notice and check all the places where healthy foods are waiting for you to discover them. And - if they don't have what you want - ASK for it ! When all else fails, Amazon is a great resource ! If you have Prime, the shipping is free. I love ordering unique ingredients and having them arrive on the doorstep !


5. It is too hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Temptation in everywhere ! Temptation is the food industry’s best marketing tool ! Temptation is making them a fortune, while it is robbing you of your true fortune - which is your birthright of good health and longevity ! They want you to buy into the belief that “You just can’t resist.” “You’ll keep coming back for more !” These words are the mantra for “Big Food.” When will we finally empower ourselves to stand up to temptation ? As Carolyn Myss so eloquently puts it, "When has “hard” been an excuse not to do what you know is right ?" It is time we put on our “big boy or big girl pants” and walk away from the temptations that the food industry loves to dangle in front of us ! They will always be there. If you are unwillingto make conscious decisions to change, it is impossible to change ! As a kid, I remember my mom wisely limiting us to only 2 cookies because she loved us and wanted us to stay healthy. As an adult it is up to me to be my own best mother and set appropriate standards and limits on my self for my own highest good.



You have to love yourself enough to insist upon reasonable parameters for yourself when it comes to eating and food, even if it is “hard.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~




(Posting Number 5, 2014)
Elise Cantrell

As I work through the many emotions that arise during my daughter’s last year at home, it has forced me to deeply reflect on "Being a Mom".  What I have LOVED the most about being a Mom is the “Mothering” itself !   I has occurred to me, that we enjoy giving that which we would most like to receive. Most of us are great at nurturing and caring for others.  We are kind, companionate and caring to most everyone we meet.  But do we offer this same level of care, support and nurturing for ourselves ?   How can we offer this remarkable "Gift of Mothering", not only to others, but also to ourselves ?   Perhaps as our children move on, life provides us an opportunity for us to be kinder, more compassionate and nurturing to ourselves.  Here are some ways to be your own best mother !   Wouldn’t your mother do this for you ?


1.  Put yourself to bed early.  A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone to optimal energy, mood, weight, health and well-being! 


2.  Make yourself go outside and play.  Fresh air, sunshine and a dose of Mother Nature are not a luxury, they are critical to our immune system and promote harmony and wellness for the mind, body and soul.  Playfulness lightens and uplifts the mind and spirit, and is conducive to optimal health.


3.  Limit your screen time.  Our brains are over saturated with constant stimulation, information, and distraction.  We can easily lose the connection with ourselves, and the real world !   To cool and ease the mind, consciously pull the plug !   Set limits on your screen time.  What is good for the kids is good for you too !


4.  Give yourself a “Time out".  Give yourself mini-breaks from the chaos of life throughout the day.  A cup of tea, an aromatherapy bath, meditation, curl up with a good book, whatever gives you a sense of relaxation and respite !


5.  Don’t allow yourself to eat junk food.  Mother’s don’t want their children loading up on junk !   Treat yourself the same way !   Junk food directly affects the mood, energy, skin, sleep, and overall health.


6.  Nourish yourself with well-balanced meals.  Skipping the junk is not enough. Self-nourishment is a cornerstone to self-care.  Deliberately incorporate whole foods that are known to replenish, rebuild, and nourish your mind-body system.  Eat regular, well-balanced meals made with care, and you will maintain balance, health, and peace of mind.


7.  Prepare your food with love.  Bring ease, joy and love into your kitchen.  Find nourishing recipes that your will enjoy both cooking and eating !   Homemade food, made with love . . . it just magically tastes better !


8.  Make sure you say your prayers.   I am certain I am the person I am because of the prayers of my mother and grandmother !   Often we send up prayers for others, and forget about our own needs and desires !   Include YOU in your prayers !


9.  Reward yourself for good behavior.  "Treat yourself" now and then.  Treats do not need to be food !   How about a massage, a restorative yoga class, a pedicure or a “spa day.”  Do something that brings you joy and ease, and reward your own efforts and hard work !


10.  Make yourself take a warm bath.  Warmth actually calms the central nervous system.  It also unwinds the Sympathetic Nervous System, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system, inducing “Relaxation response.”  When you need peace and calm, try a warm bath, and add your favorite essential oil for good measure !


11.  Be sure you dress for the weather.   Zip up your jacket, wear gloves, hat, etc. when needed.  We don’t get sick from the cold damp air, however we are exposed to millions of pathogens on a daily basis. Our normal body temperature makes our bodies inhospitable to them.  However, when our core temperature drops, those pathogens get a solid foothold as the body becomes more “Friendly” for them to thrive and flourish !  Keeping warm goes a long way towards staying healthy and keeping the immune system strong !


12.  Make yourself lie down and take a nap.  Are you tired, grumpy, fatigued or worn out ?   Stop resisting how you feel.  Give your body the rest it is begging for.  Mom says so !


13.  Take help, assistance and support.  Moms are always there to help with homework, school projects, tying shoes . . . or whatever is needed.  We need to give ourselves permission to be on the receiving end of the help as well.  Ask for help when it is needed.  Lean into your support system.  Take help any time it is offered.  When you do that you free up more energy to give help yourself, and you give someone else the opportunity to feel the JOY of helping YOU !


14.  Give yourself "An allowance", some spending money to do with as you please !   Our own wants and needs matter too.  You’ve earned some “Fun” money !   When we tie our money up in the energy of lack or scarcity, we bring that energy into all of our financial matters.  By creating space for freedom and fun in your budget, you are actually opening the doors for more abundance to flow in !


15.  Give yourself a gift.  Is there something you’ve been really wanting, but have put off getting for yourself ?   That new pair of yoga pants, a new color for your nails, the purse that is a bit of a splurge !   Don’t limit giving to everyone else; gift yourself too !


16.  Take a sick day.  We don’t send our children to school hacking up a lung !   When did we stop listening to our bodies and forcing ourselves to “Push through” an illness ?   News Flash: the world can do with out you for a day or two.  Rest up and heal !  And guess what ?  No one wants to be exposed to what you have !   Listen to your body, and lie on the couch.  Eat chicken soup, and allow your body a chance to rest and heal !   The unpleasant symptoms of illness are really your body begging you to slow down and take it easy !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

            What is Coming Between You . . . and Living your Dream ?
                                                                                        (POSTING NUMBER 4 - 2014)


 By Elise Cantrell


How is it that some people live their dreams ~ seemingly with ease ~ while others observe in wonder ?  

Toooften we dismiss our power to create our dreams by saying other people are somehow unfairly lucky, blessed, smarter, richer, or have very good karma.  We talk ourselves out of what is really ours.  We rob ourselves of our own destiny by imprisoning ourselves in our own set of ideas about the way things are and how life works.  By clinging to this old conditioning as if it was TRUTH, we stay locked behind our own self-created bars, shackled to our present life, longing for something different.  We helplessly dream of a different life, not realizing that it is only we ourselves who hold the keys to our own dreams and the doorway is not even locked!  Stop coming between you and living your dreams.


     Reject your inner critic.  Very often we hold ourselves prisoner with judgment, fear of failure and self-doubt.  On the other side of fear, doubt and judgment, is an alternate reality.  The keys to this doorway are courage, trust, faith and change.  This reality already exists right there within in you.  The wall of fear, doubt and judgment is an illusion.  When you walk through the wall, you will meet your dreams on the other side!  Affirm:  "I am enough, exactly as I am, to get to where I am headed."


Own what you have within.  When we live from within, instead of without ,everything changes!  Outward focus on accumulating, appearances, achievements, impressing, material possessions, and people pleasing is a fatal distraction to dream realization.  We can quickly become prisoner of these things because they keep our focus directed away from our true desires and longings.  When we look within ourselves, we uncover our deepest yearnings and the intuition, inspiration, insight, power, courage, confidence and creativity to own our dreams.  Within us are the only tools we will ever need to make our dreams come true. Anything you are looking for on the outside already exists on the inside waiting to be discovered, accessed, open and exposed. Don’t get distracted by the external; the way to your dreams is the inner path.  Affirm:  "I already have everything I need."


Discard the thought, “I can’t.”  “Can’t” is a lie!  Yes, you can!  Many people are held prisoner by this false belief for a lifetime!  You can put as much belief in “can” as you do in “can’t!”  Whichever one you put your belief in, determines the final outcome.  I remember one of my teen yoga students saying “I can’t,” every time we learned a new pose.  She believed this false STORY, that somehow she lacked what everyone else in the room had, in order to practice yoga.  Over and over, I showed her that indeed she could!  Impossible is only a concept; it is not a reality!  “Can’t” is a self-imposed obstacle to your dreams!  If impossible were true and real, a certain clumsy, unathletic, stiff, unflexible middle-aged southern woman would never have be a yoga instructor and author!  We get to the field of pure potentiality, by sailing through the river of faith!  The keys to the doorway of this magical place is to believe in any and every possibility!  Affirm: "I can and I will."


Cast off perfection. Perfection can be one of the surest obstacles on the path to the realization of our dreams.  Perfection is an illusion.  Perfection is not balance; it is not freedom; and is not real.  Refuse to be imprisoned by the illusion of perfection.  Perfection does not exist in nature or in ourselves.  We often get so caught up in doing things “perfectly,” that we enslave ourselves to a mirage of perfection instead of freeing ourselves to live our dreams.  Give yourself permission to be messy, to make mistakes, to look like a fool.  Let goofing up, be a sign that you are moving forward and are no longer stuck behind the false wall of perfection! Have faith that if nature survives its imperfections, so can you! Affirm: "Perfection is an illusion, my dreams are real."


Stop focusing on “how.” Oftentimes we get so focused on “how” we can achieve our dreams, that we lose focus of our dream!  Where attention goes, energy flows.  How is a waste of time and energy.  The “hows” happen on their own if we stay focused on what we really want.  If we get stuck on “how,” we fail to move forward. You don’t HAVE to know the “hows”.  The “hows” do not matter, they are just clutter.  The “hows” get in the way and take our dreams out of focus.  Trust that there are an infinite number of hows, not just one!  Concentrating your energy on “how” rather than on the dream itself, blocks the flow of grace.  When we trust in grace rather than how, that is when magic and miracles happen.  There are higher ways, and greater forces beyond our limited human knowledge of “how.”  In the space beyond the “hows, ” that is where miracles exist!   Don’t “spin your wheels” chasing the “hows,”  Chase the dream itself!  We become our dreams in each moment just by being entirely ourselves at exactly where we are.  Affirm:  "I am the way to realizing my dreams."


Trust that what you want already exists.  According to quantum physics, every outcome already exists in the field of possibility! It is up to you to go in and get it!  Ideas, insights, signs, signals…  Follow the “rabbit” into the “rabbit hole.”  You have to go into the field of possibility to access your dreams.  You have to follow them as they call to you.  Follow them inwardly and then outwardly, even if you don’t know where they will take you and how they will get you there.  Go and follow!  What you are seeking is seeking you!  It is drawn to you in equal measure, and is moving toward you at the same speed you are moving towards it.  Like two ends of a magnet, you and your desires are drawn together.  This is nature. This is physics!   Affirm:  "As I move towards my dreams they move towards me."


Don’t ignore and miss the signs and messages.  Signs are like breadcrumbs leading you down the path to your destiny.  Signs come from expected and unexpected sources.  Follow each one completely, seeing it through to its final destination, where you will receive another sign.  Following your dreams is fun like a treasure hunt!  Signs may appear as hunches, coincidences or moments of synchronicity.  They can come from nature, a wise soul, lyrics of a song, a poem or a quote, or they may arise through prayer and meditation.Affirm:  "I am continuously receiving divine guidance and wisdom.  I trust and I follow."


Take action.  God helps those who help themselves.  Action + grace = momentum.   Action and grace brought together create a powerful force.  Fusion of these two things is magical.  Apart they do little; together they can accomplish anything! Action + grace + momentum = manifestation.  This is the alchemic formula for making the impossible possible! You can’t just make a grocery list of things you need at the store and expect those things to appear in your refrigerator without going to go get them.  You must decide what it is you want and then go get it and bring it home.  By taking right action, you can manifest everything you wanted on the grocery list.  All things work this way. Affirm: "I am my dreams, my dreams are me."


Only YOU can make your dreams come true.  Only you come between where you are now and what it is you want. The dream is already is yours!  Go get it!  This forgotten knowledge is owning our true power and stepping into our true FREEDOM to live out our GREATEST dreams! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Finding Your Tribe

 By Elise Cantrell

In a small town, with a graduating class of 36, it has been difficult for my daughter to find her “clique.” Music, art and creativity gush from her like a fountain.  She is not into the “party scene.”  She is not particularly “sporty” or athletic. She would rather spend her free-time out in nature with a camera, creating a collage, sitting in the grass writing poetry or composing a new song.

 Just a couple of weeks ago Hannah embarked on a European choir tour with 300 other musically inclined teens from around the state.  Hannah has absolutely marveled over the fact that the other kids, like her, spontaneously break out singing Disney songs and show tunes. She has been reassured in discovering that there are others who always have a song playing in their head and music filling their heart.  She is astonished by how much in common she has with this group of teens, and how quickly they have clicked. With this group she feels comfortable and at ease, like she is with her own family.  These are like-minds and kindred souls.  She has found her tribe!


Finding your tribe feels like “coming home.”  When I went to my first yoga training, I too marveled at discovering that I was not alone in my uniqueness.  I had never admitted to anyone, that I had an unquenchable curiosity for all things mystical, supernatural and mysterious. I hadn’t dared to even mention that even as a child, I was fascinated by nature, herbs, crystals and stones. For the first time in my life, I realized that there are others out there who are drawn to all things spiritual, metaphysical and philosophical.  People who, like me see something greater in nature than what is visible to the naked eye.  There are other people who spend their free time stretching and rolling around on a rubber mat, meditating, praying, and saying affirmations. I found other sensitive souls who hear the whispers of God and the angels, who feel the pulse of the Earth, who sense the urgency of our times.  There are factions out there who devote their lives to help, heal, and harmonize; here to love, teach and serve.  We are healers, visionaries and peacemakers. This is our calling; this is who we are.  I am no longer embarrassed to own these gifts and step into my purpose. This is my tribe.


We all have a tribe, a clan of like minds and kindred spirits.  People who view the world through the same lens as we do!  One tribe is not better than any other; all are necessary and essential.  Finding your tribe is like liver cells knowing they belong to the liver, heart cells knowing they belong to the heart and brain cells knowing they belong to the brain.  They each have very different functions, but all are critical to the body as a whole.  Finding our tribe reminds us that we are part of something greater with a mission and purpose.   We are needed and necessary.  We are not alone.  Just like the cells of the body, we humans are the cells of the universe.  Healers are the immune system of the collective.  Visionaries are the eyes seeing the way forward.  Musicians are the hum of the cosmos.  Artists and inventors are the architects and creators of our reality.  Farmers are our sustenance.  And on it goes…We each have our place, we all have our roles.

There is no need for denial, judgment, embarrassment or feeling like an “odd duck.” We just need to find our tribe!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~




ALL SEEING EYEHave you been feeling differently lately ?   Have you and your life been rapidly changing ?   Are you the same person you were a year ago ?   Five years ago ?   

The world as we know it and life as we know it are changing at warp speed !   It is all the buzz that we, as a planet, are experiencing a great shift.  We are in the midst of a massive awakening, a collective advancement in human consciousness, whose impact is being felt globally !   Even all over the universe !  


Our human vibration is becoming lighter, faster, and higher.  It is quickening.   Many people are feeling these changes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Some people are resisting this change, clinging to the old, some are oblivious, while others may be fearful, or confused as to what is going on. 


Very sensitive people can deeply sense what is happening, and are trying to understand it, process it and are open to the wonder of this ever increasing awareness, cognizance and consciousness.  This awakening is happening to us a collective but at varying paces among individuals, in our own timing as we can handle and process this rapid stage of growth. This evolution of consciousness is allowing humankind ascend to a higher state of being.


We are becoming increasingly aligned with our creator, with "Christ Consciousness", with our life purpose and the highest good of all of creation.  Awakening is not exclusive or limited to one particular religion, faith, or creed.  It is an evolutionary process simultaneously shifting us all.  WoManKind is moving from 3 dimensional consciousness into 5 dimensional consciousness.  We are learning to see things from new angles, fresh perspectives and are discovering new facets of the world and ourselves.  We are becoming aware of things that were always there, but never before visible. Much like the discovery that the world is not flat or that the sun is not at the center of the universe, our worldviews are rapidly changing.  We are reaching new thresholds in our lifetime!  How can you tell if this shift is happening to you?  Here are the top 20 indications that you are awakening.  See how many ring true for you.


     1 ~  Change in your interests.  Losing interest in things that once inspired you.  Losing interest in things that are ego based.  Not having things in common with people you once did.  No longer doing things just because they “make you look cool,” or because they are what “everyone else is doing.”  You begin to honor what YOU really want to do.


     2 ~  Many changes happening in your life quickly:  Your life is being altered, changed and rearranged:  relocation, new home, career change, change in marital status, hobbies, new friends, new pets, births and deaths.  You may notice people, places, things and circumstances which no longer resonate with who you are, drifting out of your life.  Once you begin to change and transform, everything else around you begins to change.


     3 ~  Seeing signs:  Increased moments of synchronicity, coincidence, happenstance and “luck.”  You are continuously receiving meaningful messages from unexpected sources in unexpected ways.  You are having a continuous succession of “Ah-ha moments.”


    4 ~  Less interest in materialism:  Need to clear out clutter, downsize, simplify.  No longer living to impress people.  Spending money on things YOU really want, rather than on what you think other people expect you to have.  No more keeping up with the Jones’.


     5 ~  Abundance:  Ability to quickly and easily manifest what you want and need.  Instant manifestation.  When you think something, it actually happens!


     6 ~  Authenticity:  Desire to get to know yourself, to be who you really are.  No longer having the need to “people please,” put on “airs,” play the game.  Saying “yes” when you mean “yes” and “no” when you mean “no.”  Aligning your actions with what you know is right for you.


    7 ~  Questioning old ideas, seeing through past conditioning and old programming.  Experiencing a disconnection from old rules, outdated ideas, old ways of doing things.  Seeing things for the first time as they really are.  Ability to see through false paradigms.  Higher thinking.  Awareness and understanding of higher truths.  Outgrowing old belief systems.


     8 ~  New openness and non-judgment.  A new acceptance of others despite their differences.  Honoring and accepting all beings just as they are!


    9 ~  Increased creativity, insights, intuition, awareness, vision, vivid dreams, higher thinking, inner knowingness.  Knowing intuitively when someone is telling the truth or not.  Hearing other’s thoughts.  Knowing what others are thinking, clairvoyance, clair-cognizance, clairaudience.


     10 ~  Noticing the magical and the sacred in the ordinary…being open and receptive to miracles.


     11 ~  Loss of fear.  Strong sense of protection and confidence. Inexplicable sense of inner peace.


     12 ~  Disconnection from mass media.  You have grown tired of the negativity and hidden agendas of the news media.


    13 ~  Confusion:  feeling overwhelmed by the rapid changes.  Feeling disconnected, disassociated, and puzzled as you assimilate changes internally and externally.


   14 ~  Feeling a new sense of connectedness:  to others, to nature, to your higher self, to God, angels, ancestors, loved ones in spirit, etc.


     15 ~  Knowing things without knowing how you know them.


    16 ~  A sense of restlessness.  Anticipation of something, but you have no idea what it is.  A longing to return “home,” without knowing where home really is.  A feeling that a change is coming, but not being able to put your finger on it.


   17 ~  Experiencing physical symptoms:  headaches, dizzy spells, ringing in the ears, chills, feeling a vibration or shaking in your body, deep fatigue, difficulty sleeping, weight gain or loss without changing exercise or eating patterns.  Changes in appetites, cravings, loss of interest in meat, alcohol, and unhealthful foods.


     18 ~  Being on an emotional roller-coaster:  Feeling more emotional.  Awareness of more ups and downs and emotional swings.  Noticing old wounds and past hurts resurface and process through you in order to be released. Spontaneously finding yourself working through the pain and forgiving yourself and others in order to heal.  The need to move on and let go.


     19 ~  Newfound compassion:  Inexplicable compassion for others, for the planet, for nature, creatures large and small.  Newfound compassion for yourself, and those who think differently than you.  Forgiveness, empathy and kindheartedness for those who have wronged you. You are a peacemaker filled with kindness for all.


     20 ~  Unconditional love:  Our vibration is elevating to match the vibration of unconditional love, “Christ consciousness.”  Having the overwhelming feeling of love for all beings.  Holding the vibration of pure love.  You feel an overwhelming sense of positivity, love and light.


If you answered “yes” even to a few of these, you ARE awakening. 

You and your level of consciousness are ascending. 

You are moving into the NEXT dimension. 

If you have almost all of these, then rest assured . . . you are almost there !

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


How many of us have lived our lives exclusively in our logical mind ?   For centuries we have been contained in a world of intellect, reason, analytic and rational thought.  What if I told you there is a whole other world out there waiting to be noticed, recognized and explored, a world and a life beyond logic ?   There is a parallel world in which we are open to Source, wisdom, truth, spirit, to our soul’s purpose, mysteries, blessings, creative ideas, innovation and insights. 

When we move beyond logic, we leave the ordinary behind, and enter the realm of the extraordinary.  We become empowered to live from our highest self, the seat of the soul, which is much bigger than our humanness.  Beyond logic exists the magic, miracles and wisdom accumulated over eons.

This plane of existence has remained hidden and has been denied to us by our own conditioned way of thinking, even out of fear.  Now is the time to rediscover expanded horizons, higher thinking, and magical living!  We have been doing everything the hard way for way too long!

There is a heavy veil between intellect and defying logic !   It is up to us to move beyond this veil and reach into the extraordinary.  Beyond logic lies a field where the mind and the heart are unified and miracles are commonplace.  All we have to do is move our inner living quarters out of the brain and into the heart-mind.  Living from the heart-mind is our next phase of evolution.  For too long we’ve lived from our head to the detriment of our heart, soul and humankind. 


The heart-mind is a place of imagination, creativity and intuition.   It is the place where logic meets love and where humanity meets God.  It is a place where learning is not necessary because it is the source of all-knowing.


Logic can be helpful, but logic can also be an obstacle.  Logic creates a rift between the known and the unknown.   It creates the illusion of impossibility.  A few weeks ago, while I was meditating, an unusual message came in.  “Go buy a lottery ticket.” What???  This is especially strange for me being someone who has NEVER bought a lottery ticket.  I don’t even know how to play the lottery!  As the day went on the same message continued to come in over and over.  Finally, I relented and went to the only gas station in the small Village of Kohler and asked the attendant how to play the lottery.  He was curious as to why I was buying a ticket now for the very first time.  I told him that I had been meditating and a message came to me to buy a lottery ticket!  He joked, “I’ve never heard that one before!”  I took the ticket home, and went on-line the next day to see if I’d won.  Nope!  Well, that was the beginning and end of my lottery days.  Several more times as I passed the gas station I felt the urge to go in and buy another ticket.  Feeling as if I’d thrown away my money, I failed to heed those messages.  One Friday 2 weeks later, as I passed the gas station, I thought maybe I should go in and buy another ticket…nah, I was in a hurry and I logically noted that it didn’t work the first time.  Well that very weekend, the first ever million-dollar lottery ticket was sold at the gas station !

My logical mind eliminated even the possibility, because - to win the lottery - you actually have to have a ticket !  Choosing logic over possibility and reason over intuition left me kicking myself for days!  This was a painful lesson in “Defying Logic!”


"The creative is the place where no one has ever been. 
You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition."
                                                                                                ~Alan Alda

Elise Cantrell                                      
Mentor of The Divine Feminine


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Awaken, Blossom and Bloom

ELISE . . . portraitFinally the ice has melted and the bulbs are bursting through the earth!  The birds are singing, the grass is greening and the trees are budding. 

Nature is awakening all around us!  As we witness this sacred act of awakening in nature, we recognize the fact that humans have the capacity to awaken too.  The difference however, is that humans can choose to stay in the dark and “sleep walk” through life, or we can consciously decide to wake up.  What does it mean for humans to awaken?

Awakening begins when we start to pay attention.  We awaken when we choose to fully participate in life and stop allowing ourselves to be distracted from what is really there.  Our culture is constantly preoccupied by phone calls, text messages, emails, over-booked schedules, acquiring money and things, and all the other noise around us.  And when we aren’t engrossed in all of those things, we often resort to “numbing out”, with TV, alcohol, or other more dangerous addictions.  Most of us are so preoccupied with distractions that we fail to see, experience and know reality as it is.  We have become desensitized to what is REALLY going on both within ourselves and in the outside world.  We have lost touch with who we really are, what we really want, and who we are to become. 

To awaken, it is necessary to become present to life.  We must be conscious, awake and aware of each moment just as it is without the need to divert our minds with business, detachment, delusion, or numbing.  Although it would be impossible to get rid of every distraction (lest one become a hermit), it is important to recognize that all of these things are distractions keeping us at arms length from the beauty of awakening and new growth reflected in nature.  When we keep ourselves in the dark, we can’t bud, blossom or bloom!

Awakening is feeling!  We spend a lot of time trying not to feel.  We have become masters at anesthetizing ourselves from our emotions.  We have distanced ourselves so far from our own emotions that we have no idea how we feel about anything.  Awakening is about opening up to your own emotions, recognizing them, FEELING them, TRUSTING them and allowing them to become the guidance system they were intended to be.  Emotions contain volumes of helpful information about ourselves, the people around us, the world, decision making, and which way to go next.  When we lose touch with our emotions, we lose touch with reality and with ourselves. When we delete our emotions we are deleting our innermost wisdom! 

Awakening involves recognizing your intuition.  Tuning in to your “gut” feelings, instincts, hunches, and vibes.  When you get a negative “vibe” from someone, trust it!  Awakening involves allowing yourself to see and hear the to the TRUTH,  your own truth, truth about the world around you and universal TRUTH .  We all have inner truth sensors, but over generations we have allowed reason and logic to overtake our innate intuitive sense.   This has caused intuition to atrophy.  Reason and logic are equally important, but they were not created to stand alone.  Employing both your intuition and your intellect jointly is awakening!  When you begin to awaken, you begin to know the truth.  You recognize that truth is not something you are told; it is something you know. 

We are spoon fed many false truths by the mass media, politicians, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other institutions, which have their own agenda.  We have been conditioned to blindly trust and believe.  Often this information is skewed towards their best interest, and not in our own.  Awakening is about discerning the truth for yourself.  Truth can only be discovered through direct perception, direct knowledge.  Because we have been so blinded by false paradigms externally, we have allowed ourselves to become blinded as to who we really are within.  When we can no longer sense our own authenticity, it becomes impossible to discern the validity of anything outside of ourselves. 

Unwrapping your true self is awakening.  When you lift the veil between you and who you really are, you awaken.  The only way to begin the process of awakening is to pay attention and bring awareness internally within yourself, and externally in the world around us.  The Easter story is all about awakening.  Christ emerges from the darkness of his tomb, unwraps, leaving the shroud behind and steps into the light.  Awakening is a sacred act.  As each one of us begins to awaken, blossom and bloom, we bring about a new springtime in this world. Take off the shroud and step into the light.

It is time !


Elise Cantrell                                      
Mentor of The Divine Feminine


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