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Paramahansa Yogananda

       Autobiography of a Yogi      
(1946 & 2005)
                  A wonderfully told story of an inspirational life, filled with wisdom and encounters with spiritual giants from around the world.

       Man's Eternal Quest - Collected Talks & Essays on Realizing God in Daily Life - Volume 1   (1982)
                    Practical insights on developing spirituality in everyday living.


Father Yod

                 Written by Father in long hand, in ten days during the early days of the Source Family (early '70's), this is the book that drew many of Father's children to him inexorably.  Father came to teach you that "You Are God" - and that you don't need anyone between you and God . . . s/he is within you !    It  offers great Wisdom to help you on your path, including detailed keys to meditation
, the Seven Great Principles of Truth, The Star Exercise, Diet, Health, etc - with additional wisdom added by Source Family Members in 2004.

       The Mystic Road - MAKE HASTE SLOWLY . . .
                        A 22 week Meditation offering a simple, direct path to greater focus, discipline and enlightenment.   
Father said:  "By applying the sacred, oriental, occult knowledge of the workings of the mind, nerves, and nerve centers and the proper use of the "Universal Life Energy" . . . you are enabled - by the devotion of only a few minutes a day of your spare time - to develop your powers to an unbelievable degree.  A few minutes a day is not study.  It is the conscious unfoldment and direction of the undeveloped portions of your mind, so that they work continuously for you. 

Find out much more about the story, the Movie, the Love, The Wisdom . . . at

Isis & E Aquarian

       The Source - The Untold Story of Father, YaHoWha 13 and The Source Family   (August, 2007)
              Now the inspiration for the tremendous "Source Family Movie" . . . The inimitable and enlightening story of Father Yod's Spiritual birth - the growth of his Spiritual Family around him - and his transition into his "YaHoWha Consciousness".   Input by many Family Members and some background on the Family music - including the famous "YaHoWha 13"  
With original menus from the famous Source Restaurant.

       No More Secrets - Wisdom Teachings - The Basics
   (April, 2008)
              An overview of Father Yod ~ YaHoWha's Love and Wisdom . . . showing how Father took the energy of the 60's - “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll”- and infused those with the powerful vibration of “Spirit” – by adding great wisdom to “The beat of the times”.  Includes powerful "Keys" like
Meditation, The Sacred Breath, The Sacred Name, The Ten Commandments for the Age of Aquarius, The Akashic Records, The Ring of Fire and the famous Star Exercise

Ram Dass & Rameshwar Das

         Be Love Now:  The Path of the Heart    (November, 2011)
                    Ram Dass is one of the best interpreters of eastern spirituality for a western audience.  An inspirational account of Ram Das' opening of his own heart through encounters with his beloved guru, Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji).

Eric Weiner

        Man Seeks God - My Flirtations with the Divine    
                     Weiner's worldwide search for a "cure" for his agnosticism is portrayed with humor along with delivering real insights into eight different forms of religious belief - Buddhism, Sufism, Catholicism, Wikka, Shamanism, Raelism, Taoism, and Kabbalistic Judaism.

Eugene Ferson

         Science of Being
                   This book contains infinite wisdom and will inspire you to great heights.   
It inspired Jim Baker and helped him evolve into Father Yod.  He met Eugene and studied with him.   It was one of the first books Father Yod had the Source Family read.

Michael Newton, Ph.D.

Journey of Souls - Case Studies of Life Between Lives   (July, 1994)

         Destiny of Souls - New Case Studies of Life Between Lives   (May, 2000)
               Newton is a counseling psychologist and hypnotherapist.  His patients' amazing accounts under deep hypnosis of their souls' time in the realm of spirit in between earthly incarnations provide insight into the mysteries of life and the purpose of all our lives.

Manley P. Hall

         The Secret Teachings of All Ages  (1928)

                 Hall set the world of Spirit afire with this great book, in which he compiled many of teachings that had been withheld from WoManKind previous to that time - by all of the Priests and Masters.   Many of the"Spiritual Leaders" were very disappointed to have their power bases collapsed by this great teacher.

        The Secret Destiny of America
Hall made it clear that America is the source of the next great Spiritual Awakening.  It might be hard to keep that clear in your mind today, but reading this will help you understand what is happening now . . . and what your role in this work is.

               Hall gave Father Yod a list of very powerful and cosmic names, many of which were given to Source Family Members - like Thoth, Agamemnon, Horus, Isis and Osiris.


Sharon Salzberg

         Loving-Kindness - The Revolutionary Art of Happiness   (1994)
                  Salzberg is a world-famous teacher of Buddhist wisdom and meditation.  In this book she tells us how each of us can cultivate love, compassion, joy, and equanimity.   

Mabel Collins

Light on the Path

                   "Know, O disciple that those who have passed through the silence,
                             And felt its peace, and retained its strength,
                                       They long that you shall pass through it also.

                     Therefore, in the Hall of Learning, when he is capable of entering there,
                               The disciple will always find his master."

        Through the Gates of Gold 
               "MC" was one of the great guides of her generation who provided gentle, but firm aid to help you find and grasp the truths of the Universe. 

            Collins was  a theosophist and author of over 46 books.  Father Yod called her the "Spiritual Grandmother" of the Source Family


Dosung Yoo

          Thunderous Silence - A Formula for Ending Suffering
Yoo is an ordained minister in the Won Buddhist Order of Korea and is a resident teacher at the Won Dharma Center in Claverack, NY.  The book an easy to understand and helpful guide to the "Heart Sutra," one of the most important teachings of the Buddha.

Paul Foster Case - BOTA

        The Book of Tokens
Tarot Meditations
               This book is one of the premiere detailed guides to the use of the Tarot cards and is perfect to read along with each card daily, showing you the occult symbolism of the cards and helping interpret it for practical use.

The Great Seal of the United States -
This book clarifies details that are hard for most of us today to understand.  It details much of the deep symbolism of the wisdom and the prophecy upon which the Founders of America based this great nation.  They were literally steeped in esoteric Spiritual teachings and used them to set up and prepare what they considered to be the source of the next Spiritual Awakening.

Yogi Ramacharaka

        Bhagavad Gita
               “Yogi Ramacharaka on Indian Philosophy, The Bhagavad Gita and The Upanishads,” contains his writings explaining the philosophies and religions of India, his English translation of the “Bhagavad Gita,” and a compilation of passages intended to capture the spirit of the Hindu sacred text the “Upanishads.”

        The Essenes
               The lessons which compose this volume originally appeared in monthly form, the first of which was issued in October, 1907.  These lessons met with a hearty and generous response from the public.  The publishers take the liberty to call the attention of the readers to the great amount of information condensed within the space of each lesson. Students have told us that they have found it necessary to read and study each lesson carefully, in order to absorb the varied information contained within its pages.

        The Dead Sea Scrolls
               Hebrew text thousand of years old discovered in a cave in the 1940's - This lost text proved that there were other parts of the bible that were left out, especially the role Women played and it had the Lost Name of YHVH intact.

Compiled by Paul Reps

           Zen Flesh, Zen Bones -  "A collection of Zen and Pre-Zen Writings." 
This fine, entertaining collection of stories and anecdotes serves to immerse the reader right into the spirit of Zen. 

C.Z. Zain

        The Sacred Tarot
The Sacred Tarot is a favorite of metaphysics students everywhere and companion to The Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot Cards.  This timeless volume draws comparisons between the Tarot and Kabbalah, Astrology, Alchemy, Magic, Numerology, Mystery School Initiation, Bible Study, and Free masonry.  This profusely illustrated book is indexed and contains descriptions for twelve different tarot spreads. Also included is a table of correspondences which draws correlations between the tarot arcanum and herbs, gems, minerals, the Hebrew, Egyptian, and Roman alphabets, numbers, and astrological symbols.
With this book, the student may readily determine the astrological correspondence of any number, name, color, gem or other object.

J.J. Hurtak

        The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch - YHVH

               In 1973 during prayer Professor James Hurtak, a social scientist, comparative religionist and scholar was met by a heavenly visitor and whisked aloft for a divine journey which included being given instructions to record his experience--"...a Light was projected into my third eye which imprinted the scenario abstracts that contained the Keys" In 1977 the first edition of an often cited metaphysical classic The book of knowledge: the keys of Enoch: a teaching given on seven levels in preparation for the brotherhood of light, to be delivered for the quickening of the "People of Light" by J J Hurtak and published by the Academy for Future Science. It has been in print continuously since that first edition. Not since Swedenborg has a man of academic stature made such bold claims of Ascension to the creator for his manuscript inspiration and delivered such quality in the body of his published work.

Doreal, Brotherhood of Light

        Emerald Tablets of Thoth – Thoth the Atlantean              
                  "I, THOTH, the Atlantean, master of mysteries, keeper of records, mighty king, magician, living from generation to generation, being about to pass into the halls of Amenti, set down for the guidance of those that are to come after, these records of the mighty wisdom of Great Atlantis."

Theodore Heline

America's Destiny: A New Order of the Ages
              Important information on the symbols of our founding seals and Fathers ~ the destiny of America for the New Age.

Corinne Helene


     Sacred Science of Numbers
                 A Series of Lecture Lessons Dealing with the Sacred Science of Numbers.  This book has brought me into the revelation and understandings of the importance of time. To know time it is vital for one to know Numbers. Anyone that may need strategies to keep their life balance will be able to when they read My Journey to Spiritual Restoration and know how Gurmay Darlington was able to press through the tribulations by God's help, with blessings and favor.

         Music the Keynote of Human Evolution
                As the New Age approaches, it is on "Wings of Song" that we shall be re-united with our loved ones who have passed beyond the veil. Then we shall join with them in a triumphant chorus proclaiming that there shall be no death.

          In 1974, The Source Family visited Corinne late in her life in her Care Home.  We tried to bring her back to live with us - but her society would not allow it.  Father tried to sneak her out but we got caught !   She died soon after.

J. Krishnamurti

       At the Feet of the Master

There are many for whom the Qualification of Desirelessness is a difficult one, for they feel that they are their desires—that if their distinctive desires, their likings and dislikings, are taken away from them, there will be no self left. But these are only they who have not seen the Master; in the light of His holy Presence all desire dies, but the desire to be like Him.

Edmond Bordeaux Szekely (publisher)

The Essene Gospel of Peace
               This book has been published in varying forms but can be credited (along with Ram Dass's great "Be Here Now") with putting a lot of the hip young people of the '60's and '70's on a "Path" that was more constructive than Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. 

               Nearly two thousand years have passed since the Son of Man taught the way, the truth and the life to mankind. He brought health to the sick, wisdom to the ignorant and happiness to those in misery. His words became half forgotten and were not collected till some generations after they were uttered. They have been misunderstood, wrongly annotated, hundreds of times rewritten and hundreds of times transformed, yet they have nevertheless survived almost two thousand years. And though his words, as we have them to-day in the New Testament, have been terribly mutilated and deformed, they nevertheless have conquered half of humanity and the whole of the civilization of the West. This fact proves the eternal vitality of the Master's words, and their supreme and incomparable value. For this reason we have decided to publish the pure, original words of Jesus, translated directly from the Aramaic tongue

Gregg Braden

       The God Code
               A coded message has been found within the molecules of life, deep within the DNA in each cell of our bodies. In this book what we once believed of our past is about to change. Through a remarkable discovery linking Biblical alphabets to our genetic code, the 'language of life' may now be read as the ancient letters of a timeless message. This message is the same in each cell of every man, woman, and child, past and present. During his extensive 12-year study of the most sacred and honoured traditions of humankind he has discovered tangible and unprecedented evidence that we are all part of a greater existence.

Eckhart Tolle

       The Power of Now
              In the first chapter, Tolle introduces readers to enlightenment and its natural enemy, the mind. He awakens readers to their role as a creator of pain and shows them how to have a pain-free identity by living fully in the present. The journey is thrilling, and along the way, the author shows how to connect to the indestructible essence of our Being, "The eternal, ever-present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death."

  (King James Version)

        Father Yod said this was the nearest version among all of the translations to keeping the true wording and intent of any of the Bibles, many of which have been re-translated, re-written and re-interpreted numerous times. 

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

          Widely read by New Agers during the 1960s, it is used by Tibetan Buddhist orders for the ceremony at the time of one's passing and to prepare us for what awaits immediately after our "death."

The I Ching - or Book of Changes

          Ancient Chinese way of viewing reality by asking questions - throwing coins - Then reading what it meant in symbolisms.


Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

          Father Yod said this is "The Bible for the Age of Aquarius".   Look up a few definitions
- preferably the older versions - and you will understand why he said that.   For Example:   "BABY - The reflection of oncself . . . that one sees in the pupil of the eye of another !" 








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