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Abrahamic Religions - Trace their origins back to Abraham, who, according to tradition, gave birth to the Jewish and Muslim peoples. His story is featured in the Torah, Bible, and Koran. The Abrahamic religions include Judaism, Christianity and Islam, along with any religions related to or branching off from these three religions, such as Rastafari.    Also Known As: Judeo-Christian Religions.

Adept - One who has knowledge of spiritual matters, one who is aware of this knowledge and bestows spiritual gifts consciously to deserving Souls along the way.

Affirmation and Positive Affirmation - One line statement that declares positively an intention or condition for a desirable outlook and outcome.  Affirmations are unlimited as each individual is an unlimited being.  Affirmations are to be used on a conscious level and act as a recording over our subconscious or limited beliefs.  Positive affirmations are a very powerful means of re-programming self defeating thoughts and the subconscious mind.

Agape - A Greek term for Christian love, especially as distinct from erotic love or emotional affection.

Age of Aquarius - See Aquarian and New Age.

Akashic Records - are considered by many believers to be a mystic, universal knowledge base that records and contains every occurring thought, word, and action that is, was or evermore shall be and thought to reside in the etheric worlds.  Derived from the Sankrit word for "sky, space, or aether".

Alchemy - is a term applied in many different contexts. In the West, it has a strong theological and philosophical component and is commonly labeled as occult. It is a metaphysical understanding of the world, interweaving the study of the physical world with understanding the spiritual one.

Ankh - Egyptian symbol for Love. Female polarity.     ankhankh art

Anthropomorphism - From anthropo, which relates to human beings, and morphe, meaning form, anthropomorphism is the process of ascribing human form to inhuman things. In religion, anthropomorphism is commonly applied to deities and forces of nature. The most obvious expression of this process is assigning human appearances to these entities, although other human characteristics such as behavior and emotion can also be included.

Classical gods such as Zeus, Athena, and Aphrodite are well known examples of anthropomorphism. They are commonly depicted as human in appearance, and they generally behave like humans, displaying jealously, love, pride, anger and so forth.

In comparison, the monotheistic gods tend to be much less anthropomorphic. Judaism and Islam never visually depict their god. This is because the god in question is a god of everything and thus cannot be limited by form or appearance. Doing so is considered blasphemy. While Christianity also views their god as a god of all things, they have a far more varied history as to the appropriateness of depictions of him. The portrayal of Ahura Mazda, the monotheistic god of Zoroastrianism, appears to be similarly varied, although current practice avoids such representations.

- Of the Age (or sign) of Aquarius.  The Age of Aquarius is the age of light, air, communication and consciousness.  New Age philosphy says that the planet has recently transitioned or is currently transitioning from the old, Piscean Age into the new, better, more God-realized  Aquarian Age, though the transition between the two ages may take very long and involve much turmoil on Earth.    (Some dictionaries say Aquarian is anything raised in an Aquarium !)     : - )

Ascending Currents
- The time of the Gods in the early morning hours after midnight, usually around 4 a.m., used for clearer meditation because of the lack of negative vibrations and thought projections from unconscious people.

Astral Body
- Your energy body, attached by a silver cord to your solar plexus (stomach area) until death.  Hindu thought posits that each of us has three bodies - the physical, which we shed at death, the Astral, which is of a finer fibration, and the Causal, which is that part of our being much closest to the vibration of the Creator.

Astral Cipher
- Elevating your understanding of something said or done (usually mundane) to a higher plane of consciousness - as in "Speaking (or thinking) on the Astral Cipher".

Astral Travel
- Traveling in the etheric worlds while your body remains on the earth.

- The study of the positions and relationships of the sun, moon, stars, and planets in order to judge their influence on human actions and events based on thousands of years of comparison and experience.

- is an electro-magnetic energy field, full of information, around everyone alive.  Aura reading is useful for reading people deeper, healing, psychic and spiritual development.   The colors visible in one's aura to someone psychically atuned, are said to reflect both our temporary mental and emotional states and our more lasting level of spiritual attainment.

Black Magic and White Magic
- see White Magic.

Breath of Fire
- Continued, intense, very deep breaths usually done to a specific inhale/exhale count of one to one, often based on some form of the Sacred Name and performed as part of a Spiritual endeavor or focused meditation.

Centers or Chakras
- The seven energetic points located along the spine. There are seven male (sun) chakras in the back and six female (moon) chakras in the front =13 centers.

Ceremonial Magic - Can mean many things to many people but is often any of various types of magic, often complicated rituals and ceremonies.

- is the process of receiving and relaying information from an outside entity (usually purported to be the spirits of the dead) while in an altered state of consciousness.  Some channels leave their body entirely and allow a force or entity to speak through them, while others remain conscious and repeat words spoken to them.

- Christianity is a religion based upon the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth as presented in the New Testament. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. Encompassing a wide number of branches and sects, Christianity is the religion of an estimated 1.5 to 2.1 billion people worldwide.

Circumvent Force
- The force field that you create with your energy.  Can be a protective shield for the innocent and be difficult for negative forces to penetrate.

- In Scientology, a person is declared Clear once they have eliminated all engrams through auditing and other training. In this state, they have also lost the reactive mind, which forms engrams, meaning that Clears cannot pick up new engrams. Becoming Clear is a major goal of Scientologists. Clears are better able to access the innate powers and strengths of their thetans, or souls, including better physical health, improved mental acuity, and increased spiritual awareness.

Coming down
- An expression used when wisdom is being accessed through the Akashic Record or “channeled”.

Conspiracy Theory
- Many alternative religions are forced to deal with a variety of negative stereotypes, some of which rise to the level of conspiracy theories.

Cosmic Roots
- Your Hair.  Each hair is attached to a Star and helps to channel the "Universal Life Energy" (that always surrounds you) directly into your brain, life blood, nervous system, centers (glands) and chakras.

Course in Miracles
- is considered by many of its students to be their "spiritual path." The book A Course in Miracles has sold over 1.6 million copies since its appearance in 1975. As its title suggests, its purpose is to train us to work miracles and to accept and extend to others the shifts in perception that awaken us to God.

- An older woman who has been crowned with the wisdom of the ages. She retains the innocence of her youth, the vigor of the maiden and the maturity and consciousness of the Mother ... as well as the wisdom of the Crone.  The Crone is the last stage of the Goddess: maiden, goddess, crone.

-  Although many people are working to bring balance to the normal stereotypical understanding of the word "Cult",
use of the term can be highly complicated and problematic.  Some people see it and define it as a slice of our culture - and some are even beginning to wear it as a badge of honor.  But, for example, gives eight definitions of cult used as a noun.  Some read:

A particular system of religious worship, esp. with reference to its rites and ceremonies. 2. an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, esp. as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult. 3. the object of such devotion. 4. a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. 5. Sociology. a group having a sacred ideology and a set of rites centering around their sacred symbols.

Using any of these definitions, all or nearly all religions and spiritual systems could be considered cults.

Using slightly more narrow definitions, the term often highlights smaller religious movements or movements involving particularly intense religious devotion. Within academic texts, for example, one can commonly find the early Christian church referred to as a cult as well as references to such things as the Cult of the Virgin Mary.

Cult As A Derogatory Term

None of these definitions, however, are what people are thinking of when they accuse a group of being cultish. Since about the 1970s, cult has attained much more derogatory, negative and judgmental connotations. Today, many people use the term to refer to any religion he or she deems dangerous. This commonly includes what law enforcement deems dangerous or destructive cults (such as those promoting murder, abuse or suicide).

Daemon / Demon
Western Occultists commonly believe in a wide variety of ephemeral entities. These beings may be good (angels), bad (devils), or indifferent (planetary souls) in nature, and together they are often referred to as daemons. Thus, the term should not be confused with demons, who are generally roughly equivalent to devils and as such specifically malevolent in intention.

Dianism / Dionysm
- Sacred ceremony directing sexual energy into a higher consciousness in which the man does not lose his seed.  Evolved from the teaching in the cult of Diana.

Discordianism - The publication of the Principia Discordia in the late 1950's signaled the birth of Discordianism. The "Patron Saint" is Eris, the Greek goddess of discord. She is the mythological foundation of this "Religion" and her presence emphasizes chaos - which, of course, leads to miscommunication and difficulty. If there is a "Rule of Discordianism", it is that there are no rules. Discordians are often also eponymously known as Erisians.

Many have thought of Discordianism as a "Parody religion". Let's be frank, if you have two guys who call themselves "Malaclype the Younger" and "Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst" - and who publish the "Principia Discordia" . . . I mean, c'mon ! And they claim to have been inspired by hallucinations in a bowling alley !    What'd they expect ?

- Attempts to read the future or gain additional insight on the past or present through supernatural or paranormal means. Readings of the future may involve the prediction of actual events or simply the analysis of influences that should be in play in regards to a certain matter or period of time.

Practices that are commonly considered divination include tarot cards, astrology, necromancy (speaking with the dead), palm reading, rune casting, I Ching, numerology, scrying (evoking images in a reflective surface such as a crystal or mirror) and augury (reading of signs and portents).

- Matter that is insignificant (or even deleterious) for your spiritual growth.

- The fearsome entity self-created by all of your thought projections, whom you meet, and through whom you must pass, as you leave your body. The monster - of your own making - from all of your own negativity; usually called the Dweller on the Threshold.   Father Yod always taught that - if you can "Laugh in the face of The Dweller" you will make it through to the other side !

Energy Healing and Energy Medicine
- involves exploring and applying subtle energies as they relate to the experience of consciousness, healing, and human potential.

  - In Scientology, an engram is a mental image picture of a traumatic event. Every detail associated with this event is recorded, and references to any of these details can trigger negative effects from the engram. Engrams are formed throughout our lives and remain with us even if we have no conscious memory of the event. Thus, we can be influenced by engrams formed during our birth or in previous lives. A prime goal of Scientology is to eliminate engrams.

- Human spiritual enlightenment occurs when your consciousness permanently expands beyond the limits of your body and your mind's self-created identity.  As an enlightened human, you take responsibility for co-creating your personal experience of reality. And you have zero judgment about what others are co-creating.

- Literally meaning "the study of the last," eschatology is the study of the end of the world. It is generally addressed in a religious context, describing a particular system of belief's expectations on how the world will eventually end. For example, the Rapture, Second Coming, emergence of an anti-Christ, Armageddon and Judgment Day are all common components of Christian eschatology.  Zoroastrian eschatology also features a Judgment Day, when all souls are submitted to fire and molten metal to purge all wickedness. Ragnarok is the Norse tale of the end of days, where several gods will die and natural disasters will kill all but two humans, who will rebuild. The growing popular notion that the world will end on December 21, 2012 might be described as New Age eschatology, based on a misunderstanding of ancient Mayan beliefs.

- A religious sect before and after Christ who advocated wholesome diet, physical and spiritual purity and enrichment of the soul, and most likely lived communally.  John the Baptist may have been an Essene.

(Old School: Aetheric) -  Of the ethers.  The invisible and/or Spiritual worlds.

Possibly the most powerful force in the Universe.  It is the confident belief in anything.  Particularly the self or the truth, value or rightness of an idea or religious system, without resting on logical proof or material evidence.   See a treatise on faith at the very bottom of "Path of the Pearl" on this site.

Folk Magic
- Today, many people speak of magical and religious beliefs as intertwined. In order to sort out what is what, here is an overview of one particular type of magic: folk magic. This is traditionally the magic of the common folk, and it is primarily a practical rather than spiritual practice, although it can certainly include religious components.

Hermeticism And Hermetic Beliefs  - As used in religious and occult studies - A system of theological and mystical philosophy that developed around the second century, although believers came to accept that the texts were much older than they really were, possibly even predating Moses of the Old Testament. The Hermetic works are assigned to the authorship of Hermes Trismegistus ("Hermes Thrice-Greatest"), but were, in fact, composed by several anonymous individuals.

Hermeticism developed at roughly the same time as Neoplatonism and Gnosticism, and the three share several commonalities.

The Hermetic texts stress the unity of God and humanity's attempt to return to that unity.  This context made it appealing and acceptable to many Christians when the texts were rediscovered during the Renaissance, although the texts are not specifically Christian in nature.

Hierophant Staff - A staff carried as protection.  Comes from the Egyptian Tarot.        Hierophant's Staff

Hocum - An instruction, directive or command given to you by your Spiritual Guide, Guru, Master or whoever.  It becomes law - to you.  Whatever it is, you pull out all the stops to see to it that it is done !

- Astrologer's description of the personality and future of a person based on the position of the planets in relation to the sign of the zodiac under which the person was born.

Hounds at the Barrier
- If you are astral projecting and hear a bell, these are the hounds. Since they can only move in angles, you need to return to this dimension spiraling so they don’t capture you. If they do capture you, they can keep you 100 years. If you hear this bell it means you have crossed a boundary in the astral worlds which is not permitted. This is all part of the ancient mystery school teachings.

- The vowels of the Ancient and Sacred Name of God — which has been hidden for thousands of years.  It is encoded in every cell of our bodies waiting for activation.

- Covers all the concepts, fantasies and mental images our mind creates. By developing our imagination, we can build a rich inner life.

Into the Light
- A step before illumination.  Reaching that rarefied space (other dimension) safely.  The rise of the Kundalini.

- All of your chakras are activated. Buddha and Jesus were illumined.

- The power of understanding or realizing something without the use of rational processes.

- The serpent power that lays dormant at the base of your spine. It can be activated safely when you open your chakras properly and are spiritually prepared. You can release this power by accident, and if not prepared, insanity or a nervous breakdown might occur because you can’t stand in its fire.  It is important to have your nerve force properly prepared for it.

Leaving the Body
- The process of one’s soul ascending from the body after the Final Passage (death).

Left-Hand and Right-Hand Paths
- Occult and religious paths are sometimes divided into two categories: the left-hand and right-hand paths. The left-hand path is about the elevation and centrality of the self as well as the rejection of religious authority and societal taboos. The left-hand path focuses on the strength and will of the practitioner, downplaying the need for...


Life's River - Everything you have done in your life is stored in your blood platelets and is viewed after one leaves the body as long as the blood remains in the body for three and one-half days.  You need this time to view your life in detail for your work on karma for your next life.

Magic and Magick
  - The use of the term "magick" in place of "magic," as well as a working definition of magic, its relationship with miracles, psychic experiences and other related phenomena, and how all of this does or does not relate to religion,

Maya - Anywhere outside of a powerful Spiritual circumvent force.  In Hindu thought, Maya is the Illusion in which most of us are trapped.

- is the practice of focusing and turning attention inward to the mind or to a specific thing upon which one meditates. Meditation variously involves mental discipline and/or relaxation . . . and usually Soul Growth.

Mendes Staff - Egyptian Symbol for Wisdom, and Justice.  Thoth, male force.     Mendes Goat

Miracles - Events that do - or seem to - defy the known laws of nature, and as such are believed to be the handiwork of higher, supernatural powers.

Moon Chakras
- The 6 female chakras located on either side of the front of the body.  Two in the hollows below your shoulders, two at the nipples, and two in the ovary area.

Mystic Road, The
- A 22 week series of focused Meditations given by Father Yod / YaHoWha in the early '70's.  CLICK HERE to learn more or order the beautiful booklet.

- is the pursuit of a direct communion with God. While the term has been used to encompass a wide spectrum of beliefs, most of those labeled mystics share these commonalities: a faith in a transcendent truth that overrides everyday reality, and a belief in a personal, one-on-one connection with this truth.

- a set of stories, commonly called myths, belonging to a people and addressing their origin, deities, ancestors, or heroes. While people today sometimes use the term "myth" to denote a falsehood (i.e. "That's just a myth. It didn't really happen that way."), the term here makes no inherent judgment. Nearly every religion has its own set of myths.

Mythology here generally also denotes information that cannot be classified as history. The historical record simply cannot prove most mythology as factual, although it frequently cannot disprove mythology either. The existence of the Greek gods, for example, simply cannot be proved or disproved. There are numerous mythological stories about them, but there is nothing that proves or disproves whether these events actually happened. Mythology is generally accepted on faith rather than fact.

- A modern non-Judeo-Christian faith which deliberately draws upon or imitates older pagan practices. Such faiths may strive for an accurate recreation of a single older faith, or they may be highly syncretic, borrowing from a variety of ancient traditions and fashioning them into a modern context. Neo-pagan religions include Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, goddess worship, Religio Romana and Hellenismos.

The term neo-paganism was coined by Isaac Bonewits, himself a neo-pagan. The term distinguishes this modern branch of pagan religions from older and often indigenous forms of paganism that he refers to as paleo-paganism and meso-paganism.

- A system of theological and mystical philosophy founded in the third century by Plotinus, and developed by a number of his contemporaries or near contemporaries, including Iamblichus, Porphyry, and Proclus. It is also influenced by a variety of other systems of thought, including Stoicism and Pythagoreanism.

The teachings are heavily based upon the works of Plato, a philosopher in Classic Greece. In Plotinus's time, they would have simply been termed "Platonists." Modern understandings have led us to create a new word to separate this system of thought from the one taught by Plato.

While the early Neoplatonists were pagans, many Neoplatonists ideas influenced both mainstream Christian and Gnostic beliefs.

Neoplatonist beliefs are centered on the idea of a single supreme source of goodness and being in the universe from which all other things descend. Every iteration of an idea or form becomes less whole and less perfect. Neoplatonists also accept that evil is simply the absence of goodness and perfection. Finally, Neoplatonists support the idea of a world soul, which bridges the divide between the realms of forms and the realms of tangible existence.

Such writers as Marslio Ficino, Giordano Bruno, and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola revived Neoplatonism during the Renaissance.

New Age
- is the Aquarian Age – the next astrological age to follow the Piscean Age.  There are many different thoughts as to the timing but the Soul Growth founders believed that we began the transition into that age on September 17th, 2001 and that it will be in full force in December of 2012.  New Age is often used as a general term to cover a wide variety of alternative spiritual and philosophical movements and beliefs often involving metaphysics and holistic approaches to personal health.  It has become a pejorative term among Christians.  See "Aquarian".

New Religious Movement
- The term new religious movement evolved in part to replace the term cult, which has colloquially taken on many negative connotations. New religious movements need to possess substantial differences from older, more traditional religions. However, the amount of difference required varies from user to user. Some academics attribute the term only to unique religions, while others include movements such as the Church of Latter Day Saints and Jehovah’s Witnesses – both of which are non-mainstream denominations within the religion of Christianity.

Even the requisite age of a movement varies from speaker to speaker. The term frequently applies to post-World War II religions, but it also is commonly applied to religions created within that last two hundred years. A few even extend the definition to anything originating since the 17th century. There is agreement that the term does not make sense for religions or denominations dating to before the 17th century. For example, mainstream Protestant denominations are not included among the new religious movements.

Nous Atom
- The primary, fundamental atom that is at your core through all incarnations.

Numerology / The Sacred Science of Numbers
- The study of the occult meanings and historical significance of numbers with reference to their mystical influence on human life and physical events.

- Rumor, conspiracy theories and Hollywood have created a very warped image of occult studies, leading many to use the word as synonymous with black magic and demon worship.

In truth, the occult is something both much more general and much less inherently threatening. The word literally means "hidden," which is why multiple scientific fields use the term. When a medical test detects something existing in too small of an amount to be visible, for example, they describe it as occult.

The Study of Hidden Knowledge

In religion, occultism or occult studies is the study of hidden knowledge. This in and of itself can be interpreted several ways, including:

  • Knowledge kept from the wider population, offered only to initiates after proper preparation. Reasons for this commonly include the belief that such knowledge is dangerous to the unprepared, and that revealing sacred knowledge to the common populace profanes that knowledge
  • Knowledge disguised by God for only the select few to comprehend. Multiple Renaissance occultists, for example, wrote of the Book of Nature, that is to say, the physical universe. Within this book are clues and messages, left by God, which can be found and deciphered by those both educated and worthy.
  • Knowledge of realms, energies, or abilities not recognized by the general populace. The most common use of the term occult in this way is in relation to the practice of magic, but in a wider sense anything supernatural or paranormal might be included.

Occultism is often considered roughly synonymous with esoteric and mystical, two far less threatening terms often used in conjunction with branches of mainstream and alternative religions alike.

Paths of the Western Occult Tradition

There are countless practices around the world that might be labeled as occult. Discussions of the occult here primarily focus on occultism in the Western world, commonly called the Western Occult Tradition or the Western Esoteric Tradition. Some Eastern beliefs have been incorporated into various Western paths, but the systems overall are still primarily Western and are generally rooted in older, Western beliefs.

There is no single, overreaching definition of the Western Occult Tradition. Rather, it is composed of a wide variety of different paths and practices such as Hermeticism, Kabbalah, astrology and numerology. Many occultists follow practices involving aspects of multiple paths, which makes generalizing about the occult extremely difficult. In addition, not all followers of these paths label themselves occultists, and outsiders should be sensitive to such differences in definition.

Read more: Individual Paths of the Western Occult Tradition

Occult Organizations

There are a wide variety of organizations which are acutely occult in their focus and commonly describe themselves as occult, esoteric, or both. Some of the more well known organizations include:

  • Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
  • Rosicrucians (Order of the Rose Cross)
  • Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.)
  • Society of the Inner Light
  • Servants of the Light
  • Theosophical Society
  • Temple of Set

Related Articles

- To be totally focused on what you consider to be "God", your own "Center", a meditation or on a project.

Orthodoxy - as opposed to Orthopraxy - Religions generally focus on one of two things, orthodoxy (correct belief) or orthopraxy (correct behavior). While both are frequently present, one is usually considered more important than the other, leading to very different ways different people can approach religion.

OT - Operating Thetan
- In Scientology, an Operating Thetan, or OT, is one whose soul, or thetan, is “at cause over matter, energy, space, time, form and life.” OTs are not dependent upon reality and so can function without a physical body. This is the state one strives for after becoming Clear. The seven training levels preparing the clear for OT status are labeled OT I-VII, but such people are actually pre-OT. Only upon attaining level OT VIII is one considered a full operating thetan.

Palm Reading
- Practiced in many cultures around the world, palm reading is the act of making predictions on a person’s future based on the study of their hand and the various lines in the palm.

Parody Religions
- While most religions attempt to teach spiritual truth, parody religions deliberately embrace falsehoods, often to the point of ridiculous.  The goal is not to fool listeners into believing that nonsense is truth, but rather it is to satirically criticize other religions or ideologies.

Personal Development Movement
- Personal development movements are spiritual movements focused primarily on the practitioner rather than on an outside force or deity. These movements certainly do not have to discount the existence of outside forces, and many, in fact, stress a spiritual connection between practitioner and the universe, spiritual force, or deity. However, the focus remains on bettering spiritual aspects of the person rather than on worship and/or submission to an outside force.

Positive Thinking
- is a method of intention in which the person chooses to visualize positive outcomes and personal and Soul Growth.  See Thought Force Visualization.

- In Scientology, a pre-Clear is any person who has not reached the state of psychic purity known as Clear. Pre-Clears are subject to the negative effects of engrams, which disrupt and corrupt the functioning of the thetan, or soul. All people entering Scientology are considered pre-Clear, and attaining the state of Clear is a primary objective for practitioners.

Psychic Readings and Psychics - Psychic is a term indicating mental abilities or phenomena that are unexplainable by known natural laws. People who have these abilities or are able to produce these phenomena are often called "psychics".

Purpose of Life
- is a fundamental philosophical and theoretical discussion of human existence that has resulted in a wide range of competing answers and arguments, from philosophical, to theological, and spiritual explanations.

Pyramid Mirror
- A three-dimensional four-sided mirror with each mirror having the dimensions of 33” x 33” x 33” or just one mirror with the same dimensions.  Used by some Aquarians for mirror meditations.

Qiblih - Point of Adoration.  Qiblih as used in the Baha'i Faith - The Qiblih, also known as the Point of Adoration, is the direction toward which Baha'is should face during certain rituals, most notably the obligatory prayers. According to the Bab, the Qiblih is He Whom God Will Make Manifest. That is to say, the Manifestation of God whose coming the Bab foretold. That individual is accepted by Baha'is as Baha'u'llah, founder of their faith. As such, the direction Baha'is should face during obligatory prayer is Bahji, Akka in Israel, and these place names are sometimes mentioned instead of the term Qiblih. This is the location of Baha'u'llah's tomb after his death in 1892.

Quodosh - The most powerful ceremony of sacred sex magic.  Which is has always been hidden from WoManKind and is still unknown to most although it has begun to creep onto the internet – sometimes mis-stated.

Razor ’s Edge
- Instability or fragile stability on the emotional and/or spiritual plane.  One step before temporary insanity.

Religion and Soul Growth
- are both personal, spiritual paths which seek the improvement of the individual through faith, positive thinking and perhaps some ritual.

Remote Viewing
- A term used today, spiritually and in the military to describe astral projection.

Revealed Religion
- Revealed religion is any religion dependent upon the revelations of a few to inform the many of spiritual truths. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all revealed religions, but they are certainly not the only ones. Revealed religions generally accept the validity of prophets and the mediums through which revelations are communicated.

Right-Hand and Left Hand Paths - See Left Hand Paths

Sacred Breath
- Breath performed with a focused, Spiritual intention and ceremony.  It varies but is usually performed to a specific count of Inhale to the count of four (later increased to eight and higher as attained) - hold to the count of two - exhale to the count of four - hold to the count of two - repeat.  The count is often done with the use of the Sacred Name - Yod Heh Vau Heh or Ya Ho Wha Ho.  This specific breath is used to powerful effect in The Mystic Road.

Sacred Herb - The herb commonly known as marijuana, the “Grass of the Arabs”, consciously transformed by use in a sacred ceremony to gain powerful spiritual insight, only in the ascending currents and inhaled on once, for six seconds.

Sacred Shin
- Sacred hash, only used in Sacred Ceremony.

Self Realization
- is the knowledge of the true self gained from personal experience, as opposed to book knowledge. Self realization can be achieved through many techniques, including meditation, and yoga and will – hopefully – result in Soul Growth.

- An expression of astonishment or recognition of something awe-inspiring.  This expression is often used when wisdom is "Coming down" from a powerful source, teacher or wherever:  SSHHHEEEWWWW !

Shew Bread
- (pronounced “shoe”) Moses was told by God to make sure that the shew or unleavened bread was always on the altar in front of the ark in the sacred temple.

- One of the mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It means fire in the middle. The pyramid also means fire in the middle and when you add the Hebrew shin to the name of God, Yod Heh Vau Heh it becomes Yod Heh Shin Vau Heh and is the name for Jesus.   Also used as the name of hashish used in a Sacred, Ceremonial manner.

Sixth Root Race
- Five stages of planetary evolution; rock, mineral, plant, animal and man to God Man — the 6th root race, and the next evolution for mankind.

Solar Centers
- The centers surrounding your pineal gland on top of your head. There are 12 centers around the one. They correspond to the zodiac.

Soul Growth / Spiritual Growth
- involves the concept that one would consciously choose to seek a “Spiritual Path” which would (one would hope) lead to higher consciousness.  As in most things, this somewhat etheric concept only works if the one who is trying . . . is also able to manifest a very powerful degree of faith.   See a detailed discussion in "Path of the Pearl" on this site.

- is the state that is usually thought to involve a profoundly higher evolution of consciousness than that found in ordinary life.  In order to attain it, one is usually thought to need to spend years in diligent pursuit of her or his own soul growth . . . and is successful in the endeavor.  The literal definition of Spirituality is variously applied to most creeds of the world – the majority of which believe in one, supreme being of various descriptions.  Most belief systems have taught that the most direct route to consciousness expansion is through finding a powerful spiritual leader in whom one can put unlimited faith.  Obviously this works best if that leader is completely trustworthy.  In the last century the word Spirituality has come to be used connotatively, to denote “New Age” concepts, like meditation, a great deal of very transcendent music, astrology and certain lifestyles and faith-based movements and communes.  Many New Age groups have held that God is everywhere and everything and therefore we are a part of that “Being” or “Totality”.

Spiritual Guides / Soul Growth Mentors
- are people who have attained a high level of spiritual awareness and use their knowledge to genuinely serve others on their own paths toward spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Healing
- is the purification of the body to facilitate Soul Growth and also considered to be the use of spiritual or religious practices to help the healing process.

Star Exercise
- A brief, powerful, deep breathing and visualization exercise.  It involves standing in the "Star Position" and doing the "Breath of Fire" to the count of 108, then finishing with a powerful affirmation.  CLICK HERE to see a complete explanation of the exercise on this site.  It was given in rudimentary form in the late '60's by Yogi Bhajan then expanded by Father Yod / YaHoWha in the early '70's.

Supernatural / Paranormal - Events that occur and forces that exist outside of physical laws as we currently understand them. Things that are commonly described as supernatural or paranormal include deities, ethereal beings (demons, angels, ghosts, spirit guides, etc.), magic, psychic phenomena, and divination.

Suppressive Person - According to a Scientology website: "A suppressive person is a person who seeks to suppress any betterment activity or group. The suppressive person, also called an antisocial personality, works to upset, continuously undermine, spread bad news and denigrate other people and their activities. While it has sometimes been said that a suppressive person is just anti-Scientology, the fact is they oppose anyone doing better in life."

Scientologists are highly encouraged to "disconnect" from those the Church of Scientology have deemed suppressive persons, or SPs, and may be banned from Church activities if they continue contact. SPs may include friends and family. About 2.5% of the population are considered to be SPs.

Syncretism - The process of combining multiple beliefs into one system. Sometimes the result is a completely new religion. Sometimes the result is one religion embracing new ideas or practices from another religion or the surrounding culture. All religions experience some degree of syncretism, but some religions intrinsically depend upon it...


Synchronicity - Most spiritual thinkers do not believe in "coincidence."   Rather, synchronicity reflects the viewpoint that most things happen for a purpose and that, when one has truly started down the right path, occurances, people, and  things line up to help us down that path.

Tahuti Water - Sacred rainwater, usually caught in glass or sacred bowls used for ceremony or just to drink. Also used as a body and soul purification while standing naked in it.  Tahuti is the Aquarian name for Mercury.

- a deck of cards with mythical drawings which portray arcane scenes which offer mystical explanations for many of life’s mysteries.  This is an ancient practice and the cards were nearly lost – but for the Gypsies pretending that they were just playing cards.  The are used in many ritualistic ways and often considered to provide enlightening information to help with personal transformation and/or divination.

- The last letter of the Hebrew alphabet meaning "The end" . . . and therefore "The beginning".  Tau can be said as away of "Erasing from the ethers" or eliminating something negative that was said or thought.  This is the end . . . so it puts an end to it.  But it is also the beginning of whatever is next.

Teachings, The
- Spiritual Wisdom gathered over history from all sources, often used consciously to guide one in her or his soul’s growth.

- According to Scientology, the thetan is the defining characteristic of a person. Rather than a person having a soul, and being of both soul and body, in Scientology a person is a thetan and that thetan has a body.

Thymus Wand - A wand made out of different precious metals that aligns polarities and unblocked energy when used on the spine or other parts of the body.

- To use visualization and consciousness to transform and raise something (potentially negative) to a higher level of energy, vibration and consciousness.

UPG - Unverifiable Personal Gnosis - An important part of understanding personal religious understandings, experiences, and revelations. This is particularly important to esoteric forms of religion, where the focus is on internal learning and experience rather than instruction via scripture or other authority. 

Van Allen Belt - Brain of this planet. It surrounds this plane of existence on the etheric level and monitors the spiritual energies.  Can also be found as a scientific term.

- The body one is given to carry around (transport) the Soul in this lifetime.

Vernacular of the Time
- To use the language that is commonly and currently spoken. One might “wax into the vernacular of the times” when channeling other cultures or eras.

Visualisation, Thought Force Visualization
- is the use of the mental force of thought – of Faith – to manifest on other planes, ie physical, emotional, etc.  An example might be “The Great Affirmation”:  I am positive to mind, energy and matter and control them all.  I am negative only to the absolute, which is the center of being and of which I am.

White Magic and Black Magic - Some people, when speaking of magic, divide its uses into two categories: white magic and black magic.  Many consider White Magic to be that which is practiced with good intentions . . . and without personal gain - whereas black magic is performed with negative goals and intentions and/or for greedy purposes.  The definition of these terms, however, is highly subjective, varying from location to location, across time periods, and even person to person.  Essentially, white magic is magic that the speaker considers to be acceptable magic, while black is open to interpretation.

Witchcraft - The term "witchcraft" has been used in two distinctly different contexts in history.  The older definition was quite negative, while current definitions are often more neutral.  This has led to substantial confusion.   In some cultures, "witches" (as a positive term) were women skilled in using folk medicine to cure diseases. 

YA HO WHA - The essence of the name of God.   Channeled by Father Yod / YaHoWha in the early '70's - as he constantly chanted the Yod Heh Vau Heh and I A O and combined them into the Sacred Name.

YHVHYod Heh Vau Heh
- The consonants behind which the Ancient and Sacred Name of God—was hidden for thousands of years.  It is encoded in every cell of our bodies waiting for activation.   Find much more at




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