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Ted Slipchinsky is a writer, songwriter and mystic singer, who lives in Southern Vermont.  He has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is currently retired after working many years in a variety of community-based mental health settings.

Recently he began to write a series of short pieces and aphorisms which express many of the hard earned principles which he has learned.  He shares these with the hope that they will touch the reader in the deep spaces of the soul, and help her to experience her own Divinity.

Ted is also the creator of the website

You will LOVE his YouTube video:   Click for "Light and Dark"


The Practice of Laundry

Someone once asked me, "what is your spiritual practice?" I replied, "doing the laundry."  I could easily have added, "making lunch, petting the dog, driving my car, taking a nap, buying groceries, reading posts on Facebook, etc. All would have been equally valid.

I was not trying to be cute. Every moment of the day there are thoughts and emotions that come into my consciousness to work (and play) with. Some I allow to pass through me, others inspire me to action. There is also an energy which underlies all these thoughts and emotions. I have the choice of whether I am going to focus this energy and thus allow it to deepen (by simply being mindful of the task at hand), or whether I am going to dissipate it by obsessing over things on a mental level. I can also decide, while doing my daily chores, if I am going to remember to breathe and allow this energy to move freely through my body.

Here comes my old friend anxiety. Do I magnify it by fighting or cultivating it; or do I lovingly allow myself to feel it and let it go? Here comes some old emotional pattern, whispering to me that I need to do something in order to be accepted, so that I can prove to myself that I am worthy. What do I do with this deep, partially buried emotion? Do I allow myself to spin out and start feeling guilty about how "unspiritual" I am for feeling this way? Do I let it cloud my judgment and start to act from it? Or do I just ackowledge it, see if for what it is, love myself, and let it go? The man down the street is having a bad day and yells at me while I am walking the dog, saying that the dog touched his grass? Do I nurture the reaction that is welling up inside of me? Do I act on it and yell back at him? Do I get down on myself for having this reaction and paralyze myself with guilt? Or do I simply do my best to breathe deeply, observe it all, and acknowledge that I am something deeper than all this?

For me, this is what spiritual practice is all about. Don't get me wrong, meditation can definitely help us to replenish ourselves from the wellspring of energy which is our birthright. Yoga certainly helps us to align all of the levels; mind, body and soul. There are a myriad other disciplines that are enormously helpful. But the heart of my practice still gets back to doing laundry; and to the consciousness that I cultivate as I put my clothes in the washer and dryer, and as I make my way through the folding. (Ah, the folding, always seems like the hardest part) .



I know what happiness is.  There is nothing mysterious about it.  For me (the only person I am qualified to speak about), happiness is the palpable experience of the underlying energy that I feel when I am not being seduced by fear, “negative” emotion or physical sensation.  In other words, happiness is a word I use to describe the undistorted experience of my own being.  It’s quite simple actually.  It has nothing to do with buying a BMW, building a big house, winning the lottery, finding the woman of my dreams, or getting a book published.  All these things may make you high; but that high is usually short-lived.  When I feel that real time connection to the energy which is what I am; I feel like Noah in the Old Testament who, we are told, “walked with God.”

Walking with God, dancing with God, singing with God, eating with God, playing with God, working with God; all this is possible (actually it is inevitable) when we experience the energy of our own true self.  When I am feeling this Source energy  (my term of preference);  you may find me grinning ear to ear while cleaning the toilet. When my sense of connection is obscured (by the thought traps that I set for myself); I could be on a beautiful tropical island, with all my needs being met, and still be miserable.

I have not figured out yet how to feel like I am walking with God every minute.  Yes, I know that I always do so because we are One, but knowing something on a mental level is not the same as always feeling it.  (Some of you will tell me that you always realize when your sense of connection to the Divine is obscured and that you instantly turn it around.  I say more power to you). 

I still get caught up in the clouds sometimes.  They waft over me without my even realizing it.  Physical discomfort, self-pity, sadness, fear…they all obscure  "All That Is”  (if we let them).  But I understand that  I wouldn’t even know what the sun was, if it weren’t obscured from time to time.  The darkness suggests the light.  That’s just how it is here.  No sense compounding the problem by flagellating ourselves when we get caught up in the former.  

But I have to believe that all this serves a purpose; that we are here to learn how we obscure what we truly are so we can express what we truly are more consistently… to lovingly release all the myriad obfuscations that we have invented and been taught since childhood.  As more and more people learn to do this, I believe we will reach a state of “critical mass.”  I am no authority on critical mass, but I sense that it will mean that the global energy around the earth which we operate in will buoy us and sustain us, instead of dragging us down, which it seems to do sometimes.  Heaven on earth is not a place but a consciousness.  As more and more people tune into it, the heaviness lifts and it becomes easier for everyone to feel the sunshine of their own Divinity.


The Angel and the Cage

One day I awoke to find that I had built a cage around myself. I ran from one wall to the next and banged on the bars, but they would not budge. So I went to the center of the cage and sat in the dirt and cried.

Suddenly an Angel appeared.  She looked at me and in her eyes was all the love of the universe.  She knelt down beside me.  "Why do you weep, child?" she asked.  I looked away and stammered, "Can't you see, I am trapped in this cage. Everywhere I go, I only walk into more bars."

The Angel smiled. A million stars grew brighter.  She waved her arm and a majestic river came down from the heavens, through the bars on the top of the cage, and flowed into my heart.  I closed my eyes and felt a joy beyond all understanding. 

"This is what you are, my friend," the angel said.  This River of Light will carry you beyond all of the cages that you can ever construct with your mind.  Whenever the illusion tells you that there is no way out, you have but to breathe deeply, accept what you feel, and allow the River to encompass you. Know that I will always be waiting for you there to embrace you."

With these words, the Angel rose, spread her wings, and drew me unto her.  I felt a love even a million times stronger than the love of a mother for her child. I surrendered to this love and vowed never to ensnare myself again.


Soul Recognition

Lately, especially after my Soul Recognition experience, I am truly glad that I am in this world but not of it. Trying to be both was killing me.  I journeyed to the world that I am of.  It is a world where Compassion rules over a realm of indescribable beauty and Grace. This is where I come from.  This is where you come from.  This is where we shall return soon enough.

In the meantime we can draw strength from this magnificent realm to which our souls are so intimately connected.  It is our birthright. Nurtured by the boundless energy of Source, we can serve in this world of blood and bone with hearts full of joy and gratitude, even as we walk among the sorrows.

The Holy of Holies

I have gone through many emotions, watching and listening to the nightmare events that endlessly unfold in this world. I have been cold and unyielding. I have been numb.  I have been rational.  I have been scared.  I have been hateful.

I have been every place, it seems, except the one place where I feel most own heart.

"Only a fool would claim to take refuge in his heart during times like these," whispers the ego. "Do you choose to invite catastrophe upon your head? The world is in turmoil. It is everyone for himself. How is your heart going to save you?"

I answer with tears.

With tears I enter The Holy of Holies. With tears I approach the Ark of the Covenant...the place within me, where the Divine abides.

And in Her arms I shall rest forever.

We  Can't Lose

If I were to tell you that your "chronic" condition would be alleviated and your experience would be transformed from pain and confusion into freedom, painlessness and bliss... that you would feel loved beyond your wildest imaginings... you would probably be very pleased to hear this.

If I were to tell you that this transformation often occurs through the condition we know as "death", you might get upset. Ultimately there are no chronic conditions: either we change our consciousness in time to reverse the deterioration of our bodies while we are still in them, or we exit our bodies into the luxurious freedom of Spirit.

In the final analysis we can't lose. It is in the in between stage, when we are in the process of choosing one option or the other, where it often hurts. Either way, the first step is to learn acceptance, to relax and breathe deeply into whatever we are experiencing, because we can never get its message if we are forever running away from it. This is a lesson I have to keep coming back to...over and over.

The Face of God

As a child I thought if I could touch the sky I could touch God's face. As an old man I learned that all I needed to do was touch my own heart.


And When I Die... 

I know people mean well but when I die, please don't tell me to R.I.P.  If you do I will come down there and smack you. I have no intention of RIP'ing. I intend to be way too busy uniting with old friends and loved ones, consulting with my guides, soaring about the universe and continuing to evolve. As far as I'm concerned, Resting in Peace is what bodies do in the morgue. It has little to do with what souls do in Spirit. Thanks.

When My Father Died 

Years ago, when my father died, I thought I had a "moral duty" never to smile or laugh again.  Little did I know that this was all his soul desired for me! I no longer create emotional shrines for my loved ones when they pass; after I grieve as all humans must, I get dressed up and go dancing.


Our New Clothes                                                                                      

My friends, a new energy is upon us.  Some of you may feel it.  It is like a wonderful new set of clothes!  As soon as you put them on you are overcome with the urge to dance! You look in the mirror and find that you are ten years younger. As you get used to these clothes, you discover your aches, pains and sadness falling away. Make no mistake, these are magical clothes that engender broad smiles, tender insights, and bursts of outrageous laughter.

Little did we know how terribly dull and restrictive our old outfits were. This is because, no matter how well they may have been made, they lacked magic. Our new clothes are infused with the alchemy of Spirit, for this is where they were forged. They are free of course. We have earned the right to wear them through our desire, our perseverance, and our tears.

Yes, I have seen old men and women, twirling elegantly around the ballroom floor, their broad smiles full of delight. "This is our birthright", they whisper. "Come join the dance. You already have what you need. All that must be done now is to live fearlessly. And this you shall surely do, my friend, this you shall surely do."

Sleep Well, My Friend

Sleep well tonight my friend, wrapped in the sweet blanket of self-acceptance. Those who were with you when were born, a star burst forth from the Great Divine, are with you now and hold you in the highest honor. Their love will never fail. Even as they shed a tear for the challenges that you face, they know well your courage and see you flowing into the joy and the peace that you deserve.

Wrap yourself in their love. Let the angels sing their praises of you; of the soul who came to earth and did her very best to remember who she was, when so many others were content to forget.  And with her remembrance, she lit up the world. Yes, please sleep well and understand that all challenges pass, all dreams of the soul are realized; and you are held and cherished by the universe.

Om Shanti Om. Peace to all beings.

The Circle                                                                                                           

Come with me now, let us form a circle.  Let us hold hands and remember who we are.  

The first to be inspired moves into the center of the ring.  The rest of us let all our love flow into that person. We focus on the perfect Divinity of her soul. We acknowledge that we are of the One Light… that there is no separation. Soon more and more people move into the center of the circle; one at a time.  We dance together gracefully as one organism. 

And then the most incredible thing happens! Our bodies disappear and what is left is a ring of shimmering light; more magnificent than any of us have ever witnessed.  It is made of many smaller lights that weave in and through one another in a dance of cosmic joy. We are lost in the ecstasy of essence.

And the angels bow their heads in gratitude.



Bruce Geisler is the Vice President of Soul Growth, Inc and one of the creators of this site.   His day job is Senior Lecturer in Communication at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

He is also an award winning filmmaker and writer, including “Free Spirits – the Birth, Life and Loss of a Utopian Dream,” a feature length documentary about the Renaissance Community, one of the very largest, longest-lived spiritual intentional communities of the 1960s, 70s, & 80s, released nationally by Acorn Productions (, and "The Spirit of the Brotherhood" about the spiritual philosophy of the Brotherhood of the Spirit commune.  He also serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Community Resource Foundation charity.

His own spiritual journey has been guided by influences from Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnostic Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

The End of  "Victimization"

   One of the more life changing realizations I've had in the past twenty years was truly coming to understand that "who" I am is not just the personality known as Bruce, but rather the combination of an eternal soul and a temporary brain, nervous system, and set of organs and genes that comprise the body I'm riding in through this lifetime. 

   Not long after that came the insight that "I" (the eternal Soul part of me) chose my parents, chose my situation in life and the body I would grow into, with its virtues and flaws, and, beyond that, chose the challenges I would face in this life - all to further my own soul's learning and growth.  

   The gift of this perspective has allowed me to see the difficulties, the losses, and  joys of living very differently than when I was younger.  It's hard to see myself as a victim of circumstances when I understand that I chose those circumstances.  I've also seen how I continually create my own reality in this world, that I can make good things happen, rather than merely being someone who is only acted upon and buffeted by the actions of others.

     This perspective has been liberating and empowering!


E Aquarian got his name in The Source Family in 1974 - named Electricity by his Spiritual Father, Father Yod.  He conceived Soul Growth and founded Soul in 2007, and continues as its President. 

In 2007 Isis and E completed the story of the Source Family, published by Process Media as "The Source – The Untold Story of Father Yod, YaHoWha 13 and the Source Family."   It has now served as the inspiration for the movie THE SOURCE - which had its world premiere in 2013. 

Find much more about this story at


Faith . . . An Overview

As human beings, most of us have come to realize that there is definitely more going on than meets the eye - on our little planet.  Most people will tell you that they have experienced something in their lives that could not be explained by physical or scientific law.  This is one of the great dilemmas facing most atheists.  There are just too many "coincidences, flukes, synergisms or whatever" - that can't be explained by rational thought or science.

During the course of our history, we have evolved many different ways to try to explain these experiences and phenomena.  Early man dabbled in all manner of mysticism, beliefs, magic, voodoo, etc., and - of course - many used those experiences to serve their own power or greed.  The majority of WoManKind still practices variations on those themes today (including the power trips). 

Partially because of all the experimentation and partially because it is true . . . many people have learned that "Faith" is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  One who has confidence can do just about anything.  When one puts that trust in something outside of the self (outside of their own ego), then that faith literally seems to know no bounds. 

Many people today toy with the concept that we create our own reality - with varying degrees of success (depending on many different factors, including their understanding of the concept and the degree of faith they are able to manifest).  Some scientists have even begun to apply the theories of quantum physics to our daily lives to try to help explain some of the anomalies.  Extreme new theories have evolved, such as parallel universes, multi-verses and other explanations of experiencing, feeling or knowing things that are outside of the realms of space, time and matter that we have come to understand.  These theories make some people more comfortable within their own existence while driving others deeper into their particular faith.

Many different Religions have grown to fulfill the need that some people have for a more constant or reliable place to put their faith.  Religions have come to serve as one of the basic foundations of the faith of vast numbers of people and they have come to define the doctrines of those people.

Here at Soul Growth, we acknowledge every religion, cult or sect.  We believe that people can do whatever they want to . . . as long as they are KIND !   We encourage all to respect the faith of others and to share their own beliefs, values, and the practices of their faith or religion - without trying to force them on others.

Knowing one's own religion in depth - and studying the basic tenets of the faiths of others - help us to respect and understand each other better.  We share - after all - one small, increasingly crowded planet.  And we are undeniably one race, one Sister/BrotherHood - no matter WHAT we think.  










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